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09-11-10, 17:37
This is a fun little game that I found xD

I played until around Level 19, and got frustrated because I kept running off the stupid platform...


Kelly Craftman
09-11-10, 18:33
Haha awww so cute, but kept dying at level 2!!! FFS

09-11-10, 18:48
Lovely game! :D
Although level 17 was too frustrating, while level 18 was fairly easy :pi:.

Oh, and levels 20 till 25 (?, haven't gotten further than level 23) remind me of Floating Islands:



09-11-10, 19:04
The game is so addictive :p But it gives me a real strange feeling when he is falling off the map :pi:

ultima espio
09-11-10, 19:06
Got to level 24. It's insane:o

Kelly Craftman
09-11-10, 19:10
Haha am i the only one who cant get to the higher levels? :p

09-11-10, 19:11
Haha am i the only one who cant get to the higher levels? :p

I can't either :p

ultima espio
09-11-10, 19:15
You can run on walls, that helps :p

Kelly Craftman
09-11-10, 19:15
I can't either :p

Haha well at least im not alone :p

Legend 4ever
09-11-10, 19:24
I've played it all last year in my Film Class lol My friends and I actually made a documentary about how kids were addicted to it. We all finished the game, which is beating level 50.

09-11-10, 19:38
I loved the 1993 game SkyRoads. This seems like a slightly extended version of it. Pretty nice. :)


09-11-10, 20:07
I got to the level 29 but then I started to feel dizzy, so I had to quit.

10-11-10, 10:04
Finished it. Was fun.

10-11-10, 10:53
I got to level 9 on fast mode lol.

Level 7 was hard!

Los Angeles
10-11-10, 11:40
I'm in level 31 now. :vlol: That game's really addictive. :p

cezy rockeru
14-11-10, 10:08
I'm at lvl 11 and I can say it's hard :(