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05-12-03, 22:55
Breastfeeding driver stuns police

A US woman has been sentenced to three months house arrest after being spotted breastfeeding her child while driving.
Catherine Donkers, 29, was nursing her baby daughter on an Ohio highway while driving at 65mph.

She said she did not stop because she was talking on the phone to her husband and taking notes on the steering wheel.

Donkers is said to belong to a sect which requires her to follow her husband's orders. She was convicted of breaking child restraint laws.

'Sacrificing principles'

Donkers, who was driving from Pittsburgh to Detroit at the time of her arrest, was also found guilty of driving without a licence and failing to comply with officers.

She drove for three miles without stopping despite officers demanding she pull over.

She finally pulled off the road and stopped near a toll booth, she said, because she felt it was safe there.
"When I haven't done anything wrong, why would I... sacrifice my principles?" she told local radio, adding she felt her civil rights had been violated.

Donkers reportedly said she fed the baby on her husband's orders to save time.

Donkers and her husband are believed to be members of an organisation called the First Christian Fellowship for Eternal Sovereignty which instructs that the husband is the head of the family and a wife can submit to punishment only from him.

The fellowship, thought to have been founded in the state of Nevada in the 1990s, is said to have a history of challenging US government laws.

Donkers now has 30 days to decide whether she intends to appeal against her sentence.

Story from BBC NEWS:

05-12-03, 23:07
She obeys her husbnads orders?.....what is this?....the 1800's?
She is very stupid, breast feeding, on the phone and writing notes while driving?.....is she mad?

05-12-03, 23:11
Speak about nutcases....is she trying to get herself and the baby killed????? :eek: And obeying her husbands order....is he trying to get rid of them or something??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

05-12-03, 23:12
No I don't know any...

05-12-03, 23:16
Totally stupid woman: I'm just sorry they didn't convict her of more infractions.

05-12-03, 23:18
typical female......durrrrrrrrrrrrrr :rolleyes:

05-12-03, 23:30
Sounds like this was designed for just such a scenario, Neil. What do you think?


Electronic back-seat driver tells gadgets to shut up

Engineers are developing an electronic back-seat driver to try to ensure motorists pay attention to the road.

The system is designed to stop drivers being put off by the increasing number of gadgets in cars, including mobile phones.

By monitoring road, traffic and driving conditions, it will decide when a situation is too dangerous for the person behind the wheel to be distracted. Phone calls will then be diverted to voice-mail, arriving emails hidden, and the controls of the satellite navigation system and CD player locked.

Loss of attention due to in-car devices has been blamed for an increase in accidents. This week Britain became the latest country to make the use of mobile phone handsets illegal while driving.

Voice-operated handsfree systems are still allowed in the UK, but these have been banned in some other counties such as Portugal.

The research being conducted by engineers at BMW and Robert Bosch is partly funded by the German government. A variety of sensors are used to detect other traffic, the road layout, and the driver's actions, New Scientist magazine reports.

The system then applies the information to work out what sort of situation the driver is heading for. Examples include overtaking, turning, reaching a junction, or hard braking to avoid a hazard.

Each situation is allocated a complexity rating. If this exceeds a certain threshold, a divert function is activated until the complexity level drops. The system's inventor is Walter Picchulla, from the University of Regensburg in Germany.

He has tested an early version of the device on 12 drivers ranging from novices to experienced motorists. For the test, the system could only divert phone calls. But it significantly reduced the mental workload of even the most experienced drivers.

A finished product would also be able to hold back incoming texts and emails, and turn off functions such as radio channel changing and inputting new destinations into a GPS navigation unit. If a driver is already on the phone when a busy situation arises, a "danger beacon" reminds him or her to start concentrating.

Story filed: 19:21 Wednesday 3rd December 2003

Like: please put your breast away. We are approaching a fork in the road! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif

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John Falstaff
05-12-03, 23:39
Well in the UK now she'd be taken to the Tower and, the ultimate punishment, made to listen to the complete works of J.K.Rowlings. For breast feeding a baby, while talking on a mobile and driving, - can one legislate for such stupidity?


06-12-03, 00:06
Originally posted by John Falstaff:
can one legislate for such stupidity?

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif House of Lords?

Yeah I know you are in Gaul... ;)

John Falstaff
06-12-03, 00:22
Yes Draco, I'm in Transalpine Gaul! But I've picked up a few tips from Julius Caesar - I know how to deal with them!


But if you think the House of Lords is daft now, just wait and see what they are to become (all appointed by the Government)! The obvious solution to the upper house - that they are elected - seems to have escaped the powers that be!