View Full Version : Forum will close at 11:00 am this morning as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day

tlr online
11-11-10, 10:57

Thank you.

Another Lara
11-11-10, 11:04
Nice touch Justin... way too many people seem to want to forget these days! :(

11-11-10, 11:06
Wait? Did I miss the moment of silence?! I saw the bulletin message...And switched to This Morning on TV to see them singing a remembrance day song.

11-11-10, 13:15
Yeah, we had our 1 minute silence at school in one of our lessons. Nice thing that you did with the forums as a mark of remembrance and respect. :tmb:

11-11-10, 13:19
I didn't pay respect as an inhabitant of any country of the Commonwealth, which I'm not, but as a citizen of the world. It's a date not to be remembered, due to the deaths, but a date to be respected, for the courage of those who died. Great way to pay them tribute :tmb:

11-11-10, 13:47
A wonderful respectful gesture Justin :).

11-11-10, 14:01
I proudly did my 2 minutes silence today in college :)

11-11-10, 15:03
I like this idea very much. :)

the ancient
11-11-10, 15:06
Nice thouch

I thought I couldn't enter the forums the entire day :eek:

11-11-10, 17:39
:tmb: I think this is a great, thoughtful idea :D

11-11-10, 17:42
Great idea when i saw the topic i was like :eek: TRF is closing for good like planetlara did glad to know that's not going to happen.