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11-11-10, 20:15
Does anyone else actually use these things? I universally banned them from my computer a long time ago, but it seems like every time you install a new piece of software you have to keep you eyes pealed for a checkmark designed to surreptitiously add these damn things to your browser (especially internet explorer). Hopefully no ones looks like this:


11-11-10, 20:18
I hate them, they're so damn annoying

lara c. fan
11-11-10, 20:19
Google Chrome, dude. :p

11-11-10, 20:22
I have the google one as it offers a spell check, but otherwise I'd rather my browser be clear of them.

11-11-10, 20:24
I hate them 0_0

11-11-10, 20:25
My IE is like that, even though I ask them not to add any new toolbars, they still do.

My Firefox only has Google's toolbar because it's actually useful. :p

11-11-10, 20:26
I absolutely hate them

11-11-10, 20:31
Never had, never will. I do use some browser extensions that are useful, but those branded toolbars are a waste of time and space.

11-11-10, 20:34
Meh, got nothing against them. I use 1 for bookmarks.But not more than 2.
True I do hate that a lot of free software has an option you gotta look after that installs a toolbar.

Legend of Lara
11-11-10, 20:55
I use no toolbars. They bring nothing but trouble, pain, suffering, and finally death.

11-11-10, 21:29
I only use the one toolbar that was there when I installed the browser. It's handy. More than one would probably start to annoy me, though.

Chocola teapot
11-11-10, 21:31
Dey' Fugly.

11-11-10, 21:46
All I have is a Norton toolbar, but it blends into my Firefox interface and my awesome Lara theme thingy isn't ruined by it :p

"They should all be destroyed!"

11-11-10, 22:03
I. Hate. Toolbars.

But seriously, I hate them. That's why I use Opera.

Eddie Haskell
11-11-10, 22:21
I used to sidestep them all like dog turds, but right now I have one running on this PC. It is the AVG safe search one that came with 9.0 retail. It is innocuous and since I have a huge monitor it doesn't interfere.

And on my normal internet PC that utilizes Norton 360, it installed a similar one. Norton actually warns you in a simple Google search (using an differing colored star designating safe/unsafe/not checked) if a web site is not safe.

11-11-10, 23:11
most browsers usually have the option to uncheck a toolbar so if you can do that with the one's you want gone, do so.

12-11-10, 00:33
Ha, that is an eyesore.

I'm so glad I'm a Chrome girl.

12-11-10, 00:57

OMG.... http://i52.************/25rzbdl.jpg

12-11-10, 09:48
Haha at that image :D

I have three different browsers open at work at any given time. Chrome is my browser of choice right now (I'm looking forward to trying RockMelt) but I have the alexa rating thing installed in my Firefox because it's actually quite useful.

12-11-10, 12:49
No, I hate them all. Chrome is a Godsend, even with toolbars, the top 'header' including the address/search bar is TINY. I love it.

12-11-10, 13:05
I have just 1 bing toolbar (which I never use). Totally tempted to remove it, they irritate me :vlol:

12-11-10, 14:04
They always want to sell things that you don't need.
Yes, you have to have 27 open eyes each time you install something.

It seems a vendor of objects in the markets.
Buy this hat and you also have this pretty scarf, plus a porcelain figurine for your home, and also a can opener and also a glass cleaning cloth, plus ...:confused:

My god!!!! I don't want the hat!!!:mad::p

12-11-10, 14:35
I just have the Yahoo tool bar, but it comes in handy for when I get mail.

Sir Croft
12-11-10, 14:40
I hate toolbars. I like my browser clean.

12-11-10, 14:57
Never used them and never will. Bleh.

12-11-10, 15:48
No, I hate them all. Chrome is a Godsend, even with toolbars, the top 'header' including the address/search bar is TINY. I love it.

Yeah, that's one of the things I love about Opera as well. The more room for the actual page, the better!

Buy this hat and you also have this pretty scarf, plus a porcelain figurine for your home, and also a can opener and also a glass cleaning cloth, plus ...:confused:

:vlol: Can you imagine if going to the supermarket became like the internet... O_O

Capt. Murphy
12-11-10, 16:01
I actually only have one... To let me know when to harvest my crops. :o

But generally I do not like them -at ALL! The public computer where I work... Every once in a while someone will put something on there -either in Firefox or IE... and I only use Firefox. Even when there's a note posted there by the computer -asking the guests to please not install any software or porgrams since they may contain... well, things that are just annoying -if not harmful to the computer.. But every once in a while some moron will go ahead and install 5 or 6 different things. What are they thinking? "Oh, hey, I know what this cupooder needs, about 10 new tool bars, uh coupon printing pergram, local weather forcasts for dif'ernt cities...." :hea:

That's really rude. Putting things on a computer that isn't personally yours. But that's another story. >:-/

12-11-10, 21:14
I only found use for the winamp toolbar cause I'm too lazy to bring up the player sometimes.

12-11-10, 21:25
I use Opera and I have Google one. I can search with others too


but I never use this. Only Google. :cln: