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12-11-03, 11:17
Simon Cowell says he has banned Geri Halliwell from competing in a Celebrity Pop Idol special, because she's not good enough. The Pop Idol judge is hoping former Hollyoaks actor and winner of Comic Relief's Celebrity Fame Academy - Will Mellor - will perform.

Cowell has told The Sun he is also looking at Amanda Holden and Robbie Williams' friend Jonathan Wilkes as potential contestants. Cowell said: "ITV have spoken about doing this for ages. We should have done it a year ago but we didn't have time. We have banned Geri. We've got enough people who can actually sing for the show."

The final format for the programme, to be screened next May, is still being decided. It's not certain whether Cowell will be joined by Pop Idol judges Pete Waterman, Nikki Chapman and Neil Fox on the panel. An insider said Ant and Dec might host the show if they can fit it into their schedules.

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12-11-03, 11:30
What a smack in the teeth for Geri. Mind you Simon Cowell is one for speaking his mind. Sometimes he can be a little too frank but on this occasion I can agree with him, lol. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :D :D

12-11-03, 16:49
I have no doubt it's just a publicity stunt to raise public awareness and whet thier appetite ;)


12-11-03, 17:08
I think all these sorts of tellie programs should be banned - period.