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tlr online
12-11-03, 11:18
A German police dog has been sacked after catching more rabbits than criminals. Dog handler Bianca Mauermann, 29, from Dresden said the one-year-old dog, Falk, was just too nice to work for the police. She said: "It was a shock when I was told he was to be let go. But then he always was too nice and friendly."

Instead of sniffing for criminals or missing people, Falk spent most of the time running off into nearby woods to chase rabbits. But the bloodhound's working days are not over yet, 39-year-old hunter Falk Hesse has taken the young pup under his command and plans to re-train him as a hunting dog.

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12-11-03, 11:38
I know this is old but follow this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/2179061.stm is it the end of the alsation as a police dog?

12-11-03, 15:58
I know of a working sheepdog that was sold as a pet because he was afraid of sheep! :eek:

Marcus T
12-11-03, 16:05
A sheepdog afraid of sheep? That dog must've had a traumatic experience.

12-11-03, 16:56
Originally posted by Marcus T:
A sheepdog afraid of sheep? That dog must've had a traumatic experience.Yes he did; someone pulled the wool over his eyes when he was a pup!! :D :D

12-11-03, 17:06
I have got 2 firemen dogs, 2 dalmatians!!!

John Falstaff
12-11-03, 17:08
Does anyone remember the TV programme 'One man and his dog'? This guy and his sheepdog would have to herd (to flock?) this flock of sheep through a sort of obstacle course. I thought it was dead boring, except occassionaly when the sheep had finally had enough, got ****ed off and started chasing the sheepdog around!

:D :D