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14-11-10, 13:44
Hey guys :D I'm making a Tomb Raider Custom Level named The Golden Cross ;)
Basically Lara has been tasked with retrieving an ancient English artifact, stolen from the British Empire centuries ago by bandits.
The artifact was rumoured to be a part of the Crown Jewels, this artifact was named the 'Golden Cross'

Sucky story I know :p

Anyone interested drop me a PM :D

I need someone to voiceover Lara if anyone would want to. Here's a few shots of it anyway ;)




14-11-10, 14:05
Ooooo that looks good :cln: I would do it but I think I might sound a bit too Geordie :o I've never really heard myself speak so I wouldn't know.

14-11-10, 14:20
you should listen to yourself on a tape recorder or your computer mic hayley :)

14-11-10, 14:27
you should listen to yourself on a tape recorder or your computer mic hayley :)

Haha okay :p I'll see if I think its okay or not.

14-11-10, 15:15
:p Thanks ;)

God Horus
14-11-10, 15:22
I guess it's fine to request it here but there is also a thread in the level editor section dedicated to voice requests for levels.


14-11-10, 15:42
I used Greenkey for mine. She was fabulous. Though I don't think she does it anymore! such a shame :(

14-11-10, 17:22
^ She's not. :(

14-11-10, 20:32
Please use the thread dedicated to this topic that God Horus linked to. Also, just a general tip: it makes more sense to ask for voice actors when you are near the end of your project, not when you're just beginning it.