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Alex Shepherd
16-11-10, 00:11
This day was my special day for the beginning of Eid tomorrow... and I was so excited for my new things that I bought... Clothes... Jeans... extras and went to many special places with my friends in school because we had a great vacation, with alot of study to study to do the exams, and the exam starts when our (9 days off) vacation finish.
But today something terrible happened... My best friend who I never saw him like 2 years ago died from a car accidant... He was too close to me... Tooo close... I know that I have to get over it... I cried yes... I just felt something and behave like its a dream yes... I am hurt yes... And I know that there are ALOT of people had died... Boys, babies, women, men etc... I know that this is life and no one can stop that... But I have a problem that whenever I do something, to try to forget and not be upset... but its not working... Like when I start to study the exam I only think about our memories that we had and start to cry secretly and never to study AT ALL!! Not even concentrating in anything that I do or I am going to do... And I am not feeling anything when I start to laugh to hide this... Its just I can't get over it... Tried to listen to music for hours but I keep thinking and not concentraiting well to the music... And not really concentrating on what I am actually reading... I just want to stop this feeling and I can't... I know souls can't return back... But I just wanna stop myself for being like this or else I think I am gonna have a problem later on hopes not...


16-11-10, 00:23
Losing a friend is tough, even if you haven't seen them or spoken with them for some time- trust me I know all too well. I lost someone very important to me a few years ago, and it can still be painful at times despite the fact that we had a bit of a falling out. I think you just have to give it some time. I tried not let it get to me at first, I didn't talk about it, sort of bottled it up. You don't want to do that- I think it made me a somewhat bitter and distant person for a time. I felt a lot better when I found someone who I felt I could talk about that with.

16-11-10, 00:47
I'm very sorry to hear that you have lost your friend, Alex Shepherd. You obviously need to think about him, so it would be good to take time for this instead of fighting against it. Talk about it with others who knew him, pray for him. Don't be embarrassed to cry, it's normal.

16-11-10, 01:01
I'm sorry to learn about your friend, Alex :(. What you're feeling, as hard as it is to go through, is natural. You're grieving for him, don't try to suppress it. But you will get through this, I promise. Just take some time to grieve and think of your friend, think of the good times you had. You have your memories. Talk with others and go to the funeral and eventually, the pain of his loss will heal. Take care :hug:.

16-11-10, 08:23
Hey Khalid, am so sorry for your friend, I hope he rests in peace. I couldnt agree more with what's been said already. Losing a best friend is indeed tough, and its alright that you cant get over it in a day. Yes, take some time off, maybe talk to some one like a family member. Give it time...it heals the pains.


16-11-10, 08:54
Simple Answer: Ya don't, ya gotta let the grief take its course. For me I lost my best friend March 2007, and even today its harder than ever to deal with it, some days are better than others but the pain is always gonna be there, ya just need to learn how to cope with it.

I'm sorry for your loss, and just know things will get better over time, not right away but it does become a little easier over time, the memories you have don't ever forsake them, through you they live on.

16-11-10, 09:11
I'm so sorry to hear the passing of your friend. :hug: May he R.I.P. :(

My advice for you during this difficult time is:

Although you're trying to supress these feelings, simply...don't. It's still very early days and a tradegy like this will take some time to get through, so for now I advise you let your inner emotions out, it's ok to cry in a situation like this, you've lost someone dear to you. :hug:

Talk to some close friends or your family and I'm sure they'll completely understand. For now you just gotta let it out, don't keep it bottled up or else you'll just keep the same feeling over and over. It will take time before you start feeling "normal" again and I quote that as deaths of friends/family can really have an impact on our lives.

Another piece of advice I'd like to give you is to take some time off, your exams and college will probably build more stress than you can handle. Just take some days off to fully grieve and rest.

As long as you let it out and talk to someone whether it's a relative or friends, remember the good times. :hug:

The deep scars will eventually heal I'm sure, although I have to be 100% truthful there will always be a degree of sadness but you will learn to supress these feelings and not let them stress you out. :hug:

16-11-10, 10:46
I nearly lost one of my best friends a few years back. She moved down south and had a car crash. Her boyfriend died and she was paralysed -- put on life support for weeks because she wasn't responding. She pulled through but she's wheel-chair based for life now.

I do know how you feel -- when I thought I was going to loose her, I felt like that :(

Give in to grief and then keep yourself busy to keep your mind off things. xxxx

16-11-10, 12:10
Grief needs to take it's time, but you have to continue to live your life b/c he can no longer live his.

16-11-10, 12:30
I'm sorry for your loss. I went through the same thing few years ago.
Yes it is painful, take your time to grieve.

But sooner or later, you have to let it go. If you really love your friend, you have to let him go. He's off to the next phase of life which you will also join him one day.
I'm sure he doesn't want you to be sorrowful and sad all the time because of him. Lift your head held high and face life with a smile.

Take care.

cezy rockeru
16-11-10, 14:53
I'm sorry for your friend:(:(:( I hope God takes care of him up there:hug:
R.I.P. Alex's friend!!:hug:
If you want to stop this feelng,just don't think about it,because it could be worse then.Try doing something relaxing or just sleep,this could make things better:o

16-11-10, 18:22
sorry to hear about your friend Alex, like you and others i have lost close friends as well just don't do what i did and bottle it up, it really screws you up and it never goes away

16-11-10, 21:41
I'm very sorry, Khalid. :hug:

I understand the pain of losing a good friend. Just take some time to deal with bereavement. Everyone needs to go through this process in order to one day again function as normal as possible. Don't try to fight it. Just let it out. :hug:
You'll always have your memories of him. One never truly dies until everyone they ever touched in some way or another dies as well.