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tlr online
12-11-03, 11:20
Police in Germany caught a crow that had been attacking pedestrians by getting the bird drunk on schnapps. One woman fell to the ground when the large black bird swooped down on her in Dortmund. A seven-year-old girl was also attacked, police say.

Officers tried to bait the bird with cat food, which it took, but flew off before it was caught. After several attempts, officers decided to lace the food with schnapps. "After its excessive consumption of alcohol, the animal lost its sense of direction and could be caught," police said in a statement. It is now sleeping off its hangover at a local animal protection charity."

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the croft woman!
12-11-03, 11:51

12-11-03, 16:51
Wouldn't be the first time a drunken bird has been pulled by the fuzz :D :D