View Full Version : I need some advice?

18-11-10, 11:52
I know these are just forums but I'd like an opinion. Okay so I am scheduled to take my GED math test on December 14th. I failed the math section twice and I am getting very frustrated at myself for not knowing how to do basic math >.<. I am taking classes and have been taking them for three weeks already. I am learning things but I just don't understand percent word problems. I am somewhat good at everything else but not at word problems. On the brightside, I am starting to understand word problems a lot better than before taking classes. I feel confident and then I take a pretest and do bad and feel like a failure. I always make silly mistakes on pretests. My sister says it's also my attitude. I had a positive attitude the last time I took the test but I still failed :( I really want to start college at a community college in January but I also want to make sure I pass this test. I've been studying since September. Should I reschedule my test for January or keep it at December?

18-11-10, 12:29
You still have time before December. Why don't you tell your teacher/lecturer/tutor what the problem is and ask if you can focus more on the stuff you're struggling with? They're there to help you and make sure you're 100% confident enough and ready. It shouldn't be a problem. :)

18-11-10, 17:28
Thanks for the advice but I rescheduled it for January 18th. College can wait.