View Full Version : Just a little reminder about donations...

tlr online
20-11-10, 11:27
Most of you will have noticed I've abandoned all notifications on donations apart from very infrequent messages like this one. You can donate using this link (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/donate.php) if you are so inclined. Monies are collectively used to help pay for our services.

Muchus gracious.

20-11-10, 11:29
I have some extra cash on the side finally, so I'll be donating in December. =)
Wish I could help out more.

20-11-10, 11:30
I would donate, but I'm broke. My parents won't let me use their creditcards either. The only way I could donate is with my phone, which is 5 max. xD

20-11-10, 11:39
I'm not living my best money moment Justin. :)