View Full Version : Icy Tower on Facebook

Los Angeles
22-11-10, 22:44
Anyone else playing it?

I'm soo addicted. :vlol: I just can't stop.

22-11-10, 23:46
I loved this game, I must find it on facebook :P

23-11-10, 01:26
Right... :vlol: If it's that good, I guess I'll try it out. :p

23-11-10, 04:54
i remember icy tower, i only wish i could find zool and spit wad wally, they were so much fun

23-11-10, 04:54
I don't play Facebook games, count me out.

But at least it's not called IcyTowerVille.. :vlol:

23-11-10, 05:06
Oh I love Icy Tower!! As frustrating a it is... :pi:

I didn't know it was on FB though. :)

23-11-10, 13:01
It was a big trend like, 7 years ago :vlol:. I didnt really like it then either :vlol:

23-11-10, 13:13
Gave it a shot, and it feels nothing like the original. Also, it's laggy, which makes it even harder than it would be by itself. and I miss the original sounds too much. :pi: