View Full Version : Remember Velma Hart? Mr. President, "Is this my new reality?"

23-11-10, 04:43
Story (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_obama_exhausted_woman)

I feel bad for her. I hope she finds another job soon.:(
I know the Right will use this as fodder, it's a shame.

23-11-10, 04:47
Ouch. :( That's just an awful situation, both politically and for her.

23-11-10, 04:52
Wow, the economy was suppose to be getting better, but it seems like it's staying flat. :(

I really hope she find the power to find another, better job and gets past the rough times. :tmb:

23-11-10, 06:38
I feel really bad for her :( I honestly have no faith in our government to fix this. Everybody just wants to blame each other, and here we are, the citizens, getting screwed in the ass by it all.

Dennis's Mom
23-11-10, 12:56
Non-profits and charities are really having a tough time right now. This isn't necessarily something government can fix. People scaled back giving, some legitimately, others out of fear that something may happen to them.

Ward Dragon
23-11-10, 13:21
I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm having trouble finding a job too so she's probably better off than I am because she at least has some experience and she's apparently important enough to mention in a news article so I'm sure someone will hire her.

I know the Right will use this as fodder, it's a shame.

What's the point? People are experiencing this sort of thing first-hand. It doesn't make a difference that one of the unfortunate people who was affected by it had previously defended Obama. I think people will still have the same opinions about the economy and the government's policies as they did before hearing this story.