View Full Version : The New Free AVG 2011

24-11-10, 10:58
A Friend of mine Downloaded the New Anti Virus AVG 2011 and now her PC keeps Freezing like Hell, you can Barely go to My Computer or try to Delete it.

I just tried to Install it onto my PC and it took a Long while for it to do something before hitting Accept and Continue, is the Program giving Problems for you guys aswell.

I am Not gonna Install the New Version if its gonna Freeze my PC Constantly.

24-11-10, 11:20
Scrap it!

AVG has gotten worse and I'm even talking experience here. Not to mention the amount of processes it uses if you open Task Manager! I'd recommend the free Comodo Internet Security + Malwarebytes if you want free protection ;) From personal experience, it doesn't lag and it does kill definite viruses :D


If you want to pay, go for Kaspersky Internet Security - The latest one, and ask Alex for the best Setup ;)