View Full Version : Amherst police probe $3,900 pizza prank after Dylan concert at Mullins Center

28-11-10, 17:01
AMHERST - When a man wearing backstage Bob Dylan concert credentials around his neck walked into Antonio's early Saturday morning, management at the popular pizza restaurant had no reason to believe he was not a member of the concert crew which was working the Mullins Center after Dylan's Friday night performance there.

The man, who Antonio's owner Walter Pacheco estimated was in his 40s, ordered 178 extra-large gourmet pizzas. The total bill, including delivery, would be $3,900.

"No cheese or pepperoni, all gourmet," said Pacheco, who was not present at the restaurant when the order was made.

The man also promised a "big tip" for the restaurant's employees if they would stay open past their 2 a.m. closing time.

The man stood in the restaurant at 31 N. Pleasant St. for 10 minutes talking on his cell phone before leaving, promising to return to pay for the pizzas in several hours, Pacheco said.

They never saw him again.

Pacheco said his employees were excited to deliver all the pizzas to the Mullins Center, where Dylan had just performed, and failed to take a deposit because the man did not raise any suspicions.

It took about three hours, until 5:30 a.m., to cook the pizzas.

"We thrive on challenges," Pacheco said. "We enjoy what we do."

The thought of Dylan taking a bite of an Antonio's slice made the order that much more enticing, Pacheco said.

Employees called police after the man who ordered the pizzas did not return.

"They gave him the benefit of the doubt, they thought this guy was for real," Pacheco said. "They got taken."

Police said they are investigating the incident. Pacheco said he provided them with videotape of the man, which he hopes will lead to the restaurant being reimbursed for the pies.

Normally, the restaurant requires a deposit on such orders.

"It was a boo-boo on the manager's part to start the order before we had some sort of deposit," Pacheco said.

Pacheco said that he tried to give away as many pizzas later in the day as he could, but said that well over half of the pies had to be thrown away.

"It was a total loss," he said.

This is awful. Such a waste...

REF (http://www.gazettenet.com/2010/11/22/police-probe-3900-pizza-prank-after-dylan-concert-amherst)

28-11-10, 17:03
Whoever pulled that prank needs to die in a fire.

You don't waste pizza or chocolate! :pi:

28-11-10, 17:07
Whoever pulled that prank needs to die in a fire.

You don't waste pizza or chocolate! :pi:
At least punched in the face till it looks like a gourmet pizza!

What a waste indeed! :mad::mad:

28-11-10, 17:09
That really sucks! Quite a loss :( At least not all of the pizzas went to waste :p

28-11-10, 17:38
I want pizza now.

28-11-10, 18:10
Gosh! How awful! And what a waste :(

I feel really sorry for the Pizza company.

28-11-10, 18:25
There's famine all over the world yet something like this happens....They should find that guy and swap him with a suffering Ethiopian who deserves food way more than he does.

28-11-10, 18:34
Wow! seriously ? that's awful !

and God, how I'd love to eat Pizza right now :(

*stomach rumbles*

28-11-10, 21:13
Well that's just uncool :/

28-11-10, 23:51
And they never questioned it just because the guy walked in wearing a badge around his neck? That's funny :vlol:

The only injustice in this would be if the staff never got paid for the overtime they put in.

Capt. Murphy
29-11-10, 14:59
Terrible! Ces tre terriblay! :mad:

All I can say is that I hope they learned a lesson.

If they do find this guy - he should be court ordered to work in a pizza joint until he makes double the amount of pizzas he essentially cheated them out of. ...With NO Pay!

29-11-10, 15:02
It's a total waste yes, but still hilarious!

29-11-10, 15:16
It's a total waste yes, but still hilarious!

I can't see how this classifies as funny, viewed in any light.

29-11-10, 15:32
178 pizzas ordered with only a badge that i'm assuming was faked. People are either too trusting or just stupid to not check.

Im amazed they didn't take all of them to the local shelters etc.

It's sad yes, but still funny.

29-11-10, 16:11
I might have come up with a solution....They can sue the spanish woman who bought the sun....
You see, her sun wasn't present at the time of the incident making it near impossible for the surveillance system to properly identify the perpetrator.

29-11-10, 16:17
so they delivered 178 pizzas to the concert center. but who took them? i cant imagine the perp accepted all 178 pizzas, there had to be other people grabbing them or loading them into a truck or something. and i wonder if he gave them away at least.
I also didnt know Bob Dylan was still alive

29-11-10, 20:35
so they delivered 178 pizzas to the concert center. but who took them?

The report makes it sound as though the pizza place didn't actually make the delivery, it seems the guy was supposed to return to pick them up (or something) but didn't. And only then did they start to question it :vlol:

I can't see how this classifies as funny, viewed in any light.

Seriously? :eek:

I also didnt know Bob Dylan was still alive

Scientific tests have proven he is. But to look at him, you'd be forgiven for thinking he isn't.