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29-11-10, 01:58

Veteran comedian and actor Leslie Nielsen has died in a Florida hospital, his family confirmed to Global News on Sunday evening. The Canadian actor was 84.
Nielsen rose to fame with roles in the Airplane and Naked Gun film franchises. He had apparently been suffering from pneumonia for more than a week.
“Today at 5:30 with his friends and his wife by his side, he just fell asleep and passed away,” his nephew Doug Nielsen told Manitoba radio station CJOB68. (http://www.cjob.com/Landing/Story.aspx?ID=1318402)

Read more: http://arts.nationalpost.com/2010/11/28/comedian-leslie-nielsen-dead-at-84/#ixzz16dHMkZvF

Rest in piece, such a brilliant actor.

29-11-10, 02:01
Good thing I checked before I hit the submit button on the thread I was making.

Very sad. RIP, Leslie. :(

29-11-10, 02:02
I can't believe. I grew up watching his comedy movies, I even talked about him yesterday. A big loss for the cinema and for the world. May he rest in peace.

29-11-10, 02:03
May he rest in peace....this is sad :(

Chocola teapot
29-11-10, 02:04

Everything/ everyone comes to an end...


Legend of Lara
29-11-10, 02:06
Nooooooo. D:

That's awful. :(

29-11-10, 02:09
What!? No!? :eek:

To a man who made so many millions of people laugh with just a simple facial expression or asking not to be called Shirley, you'll be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Leslie Nielson :(

29-11-10, 02:19
Oh no! I loved that guy. This is really upsetting news. May he RIP :(

29-11-10, 02:20
Damn it, more ****ty news. Airplane! is one of my absolute favorite movies. I was really hoping he was going to live forever.

29-11-10, 02:22
OH MU GOD!!! NO! :(

This is horrible.

I love his movies! :(

Eddie Haskell
29-11-10, 02:48
I knew him before he evolved into a comic captain in Airplane. One of my favorite movies as a boy was a classic sci-fi called Forbidden Planet (highly recommended). He played the captain in that straight to type, and he had the commanding presence necessary to pull it off.

I know that most young people today know him from the comedy movies and the police squad tv show. And it is a testament to his acting skill that he was able to make the transition so easily. He will be missed.

29-11-10, 02:50
Such a shame :( The world's lost another brilliant person. May he rest in peace!

29-11-10, 03:06
Oh no!! Leslie Nielson is dead:(

That's really sad. The last movie I saw him in was Superhero Movie. Another great legend is now gone.

R.I.P Leslie Nielson:( I wish all the best to his family and friends.

29-11-10, 03:06
I just went and told my mum Liam Neeson died........... /facepalm


29-11-10, 03:07
I just went and told my mum Liam Neeson died........... /facepalm

I would cry.

29-11-10, 03:08
Oh my Goodness!
RIP You great man and comedy legend. :(

29-11-10, 03:11
I would cry.

Same. :(

He did the voice of the dad in Fallout 3!! D:

29-11-10, 03:12
Man, what a loss... Such a talented comedian. Just the sight of his face was enough to make you smile, a slight move in the eyebrows can make you pee in the pants. He will be missed. RIP Leslie :(

29-11-10, 03:14
Same. :(

He did the voice of the dad in Fallout 3!! D:

And Aslan!

29-11-10, 03:16
And Aslan!



I did not know this.. :pi:

Eddie Haskell
29-11-10, 03:30
For all of you who don't know him as he was in the day, that is a serious actor, watch this. He was a man's man in those days. Also, who says that everything in Star Wars was original?


29-11-10, 03:33
I liked him in Columbo too :tmb:. He played serious in that.

29-11-10, 03:59
I think I'm going to be hitting the bottle hard tonite.

29-11-10, 04:09
Leslie Nielsen! He was so funny!

Poor guy, I didnt think anything could kill him over, he seemed to be a healthy senior. RIP, Shirley.

29-11-10, 04:20
Nooo!! :(. R.i.p.

29-11-10, 04:44
Thats awful!

He was really funny :(


29-11-10, 04:48
Very sad. I really liked him. RIP. :(

Check out his versatility and longevity HERE (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000558/)

29-11-10, 06:26
Oh my word! He died? Such a funny comedian, even if many thought his comedy's were junk. I thought he'd never die:( Hope he earned his immortality.

29-11-10, 06:34
I loved his movies! Such a shame! :(

But remember he lived a long life and the fact that he made millions of people laugh makes it a good long life. I'm sure he's doing fine wherever he is. ;)

R.I.P :)

29-11-10, 06:36

That's indeed a great loss for the cinematography and society in general :(

29-11-10, 07:13
I can't believe this news, RIP Lesley!

As a tribute, I just watched The Naked Gun and Airplane back to back, such classic comedies. He will be missed!

29-11-10, 09:04
A very sad day. I loved Leslie Nielson, grew up with his movies; The Naked Guns, Wrongfully Accused... and his cameos in Scary Movie 3 + 4 were awesome! :vlol:

R.I.P. :(

tlr online
29-11-10, 09:05

29-11-10, 09:10
:eek: :(:(:(: :'(:'(
goodbye may you rest in peace :(

29-11-10, 09:51
The Naked Gun guy ? :eek: No, just no! :o

Rest in peace, Leslie ! :(

29-11-10, 10:01
Just saw this. I loved the Naked Gun films, they always made me laugh. Such a shame that he has died. :(

29-11-10, 10:02
No more crazy movies:(


VOr-1OVHNac :vlol::hug:

29-11-10, 10:10
RIP....old dude!!! :(

29-11-10, 10:11
I'll miss his barmyness too.:( I love the naked gun films and Police Squad.:)


Alex Fly
29-11-10, 10:42
Awww I've always appreciated him. I will miss him ! These are sad news... RIP Leslie. :(

Lara Croft!
29-11-10, 11:41

29-11-10, 12:00
RIP :( a genuinely funny man.. So many people assume he was just a clown in movies, but he started out in dramas etc, and if you watch his first few comedies he even plays those deadpan straight, but thats what makes them funnier :)

29-11-10, 12:12
oh my god!! NO WAY:(
RIP Leslie Nielsen :(

29-11-10, 13:16
But how nice to be remembered by so many funny moments, right?:)

Dennis's Mom
29-11-10, 13:34
Most of y'all aren't old enough to understand how Airplane changed things for comedy. That style of comedy is standard now, but Airplane was earth-shattering. It was utterly new and unique when it came out.

Truly a sad day for comedy lovers everywhere. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue. :(

29-11-10, 16:18
Yes. Besides the many funny lines there are a lot of sight gags.
Gotta pay close attention! :D

29-11-10, 16:22
Ah no he's so great and funny :/ Sadly missed in the world of film

may he R.I.P x

lara c. fan
29-11-10, 16:22
Damn it, more ****ty news. Airplane! is one of my absolute favorite movies. I was really hoping he was going to live forever.

I agree with this.

RIP Leslie Nielsen. :(

29-11-10, 16:41
R.I.P Leslie you will be missed. By leslie :wve:

I just want you to know we're all counting on you and don't call me Shirley.

His 3 best roles
Frank Drebin
The guy in Airplane sorry don't remember the character's name
and the president of the USA in Scary Movie.

29-11-10, 16:44
^ the US president was how i first knew him. I saw some of Airplane and The naked gun on youtube or tv, but i actually saw a whole film of his in Scary Movie 3. such a funny guy :p

lara c. fan
29-11-10, 16:44
Dr Rumack. :p

29-11-10, 16:48
That's so hard to believe...May he rest in peace.

29-11-10, 21:00
You've earned your rest Leslie.

You had a great life and will be remembered forever for your achievements.

Thank you for being you.


29-11-10, 21:12
Awwww. I have enjoyed and still enjoy his comedy movies so damn much! :(

Thanks for the many laughs, r.i.p.

This movie is not so well-known compared to the 'big ones' like Naked Gun and quite underrated, but it's hilarious in my opinion. If you like comedy and Dracula, you should totally watch it. It's ridiculous, lol:


Man, this news is so depressing. :(

29-11-10, 21:35

Airplane is one of my favourite movies.

RIP Leslie.

02-12-10, 18:59
Not sure where i read this could have been on here or over on the same topic on GTAforums.

Someone was talking about his ability to ignore all the chaos going on around him in the naked gun movies which made me think i would have liked to have seen him in inception in the scene where Leonardo Di Caprio and Ellen Page are sitting at the cafe when everything around them started flying into the air, i can picture leslie sitting there continuing to read his newspaper while ignoring everything that was happening around him.

02-12-10, 19:41
He was amazing :( RIP