View Full Version : Apologies for extended downtime during backup this morning

tlr online
29-11-10, 09:49
Turns out the fault was my FTP app which was incorrectly reporting our sql database as 42Mb when in actual fact it's 4.2Gb. This spurred on panic stations and a complete check and optimisation of the tables, which took so long. On the plus side the forum database is nice and optimised again. :)

As you were.

Avalon SARL
29-11-10, 09:55
It did take some long time :p
Glad it is back again
thanks for Notice :)

29-11-10, 09:59
No matter

http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/8454/backupgif.gif (http://img24.imageshack.us/i/backupgif.gif/)

29-11-10, 10:11
I think this little downtime is not worth it to apologize. It is totally normal that sometimes something stupid happen. :)

29-11-10, 10:15
well, the forum's back now, so its all good ! :tmb: thank you, Justin!

29-11-10, 10:55
I missed it :p I only knew due to the bulletin notice ^_^

29-11-10, 11:02
I had a fit of rage. I threw myself in the corner and balled my eyes out! It was so traumatizing not being able to use TRF! :(

29-11-10, 11:24
I want those hours of my life back. :)


29-11-10, 11:44

29-11-10, 12:02

29-11-10, 12:06

29-11-10, 14:00
That was the Old Message everytime the Forum gets an Update or something :p

29-11-10, 14:19
Really? Hahahahah

29-11-10, 14:20
I forgive you. I just hope my neurologist will feel the same.

29-11-10, 14:50
I forgive you. :) You mods/admins are awesome! ;)

lara c. fan
29-11-10, 16:17
I forgive you. I just hope my neurologist will feel the same.

I murdered mine in a fit of anger over this. And I wasn't even here for the downtime!

29-11-10, 16:46
I want those hours of my life back. :)


Hans Moleman You stole 5 minutes of my life and i want them back, i'd only waste them anyway.

I didn't know there had been any downtime until i came on here, i was out early this morning christmas shopping to avoid the crowds that always wait until the last possible minute to do their shopping.

29-11-10, 17:53
That was the Old Message everytime the Forum gets an Update or something :p

Perhaps he could use this video:


.. with a previous message:
*When the music finished, starts the back it up!*

Users would be prepared with 3:42 minutes early at least.
I just pressed the button to put the post without knowing if the information is going to lose.

Now I'm being completely thorough.:p

29-11-10, 18:36
My F5 key is broken now... thought you should know.

29-11-10, 18:49
Glad it's up again. Although that bulletien is starting to annoy me at the top of the screen :p

29-11-10, 20:19
So, how long was the forum actually down for then? I saw the notice for the 9:30am maintenance, but I didn't come back here until this evening.

Still, it's done now, that's main thing :tmb: