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06-12-10, 11:08
I'm genuinely frightened at the latest Wikileak, it's essentially a target list for terrorists, is Julian Assange trying to get us all killed? I really feel WWIII could begin. I don't understand though, how powerful nations such as America who have apparently stellar secret services, haven't shut down Wikileaks completley, surely this man must be stopped before someone gets killed?

06-12-10, 11:15
You know we already have a thread for that? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=175597

I also think you are overly alarmist. This is a list with what the US think terrorists might choose, so itís unlikely to offer any new information to terrorists. Us all knowing what those potential targets might be, on the other hand, offers clear advantages: We can be more vigilant around them, or just avoid them altogether. I have no idea how any of that would start a third world war.

06-12-10, 11:17
Sorry I suffer from an anxiety condition and this kind of stuff set me off, the previous thread was about the cable leaks, this thread was created as a general Wikileaks thread, close it if you wish.