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07-12-10, 03:31
I live in the university dormitory. In the beginning of term I left a cake in the fridge and the next day I discovered it had been stolen. Recently, the thieving has intensified. Only last week someone stole my food three times. Some other students have had it even worse. Pizza, fruits, desserts, yoghurt and eggs have vanished from our fridge. What’s more, a cettle and a frying pan have also been stolen from the kitchen. Some senior students said it was the same thing a year ago, and they had no idea whether it was someone from the school or an outsider. This gets everyone annoyed to the max and the atmosphere between students is tense. Can anyone suggest anything that could be done?


Problem solved!

I bought a coke can spy camera from lightinthebox.com and put that in the fridge!
It looks good, isn't it?:D

07-12-10, 03:33
what kind of kitchen setup do you have?

is the fridge in your actual dorm (in a room you share) or is it set up like a house/apartment, where everybody has their own bedroom, but its in one building with a shared kitchen/living room/dining room etc.?

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\Tomb Raider/
07-12-10, 04:01
exlax....any if its a drink smash it to powder...this happened to me ... but i found out who it was when they constanly went to the little boys room

Dark Lugia 2
07-12-10, 05:10
Stay up a night when its the weekend and monitor the kitchen/fridge? Set up a video camera and hide it and play overnight?
Idk, thats all I can think of in terms of catching the food theif/theives :o

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Mouse traps :p Wait for the yelling.

07-12-10, 05:37
As was already suggested, if anyone has a video camera, set it up in an inconspicuous place and try to catch the culprit in the act.

Maybe you could bake a delicious looking cake but mix a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce in the batter. That might put someone off from stealing again.

I can't stand thieves. Get your own goddamn stuff.

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A good way is to set traps. Fake food, or toothpaste sandwiches, pickle milk juice , you know, just make it horrid. Or make ink bombs when they open a certain container of food :D

07-12-10, 06:46
In prison, people used to steal milk a lot (you got your own 600ml carton everyday, with your name and cell number on it).

If you had a problem with people stealing your milk, you pee in it. It always stopped after that. Of course, the thing to remember is NEVER drink your milk unless you are the one opening the carton.

07-12-10, 07:36
Poison? Or any of the other wonderful, nonlethal suggestions :D

07-12-10, 07:40
Go to a different university? Idk. xD Sounds like a terrible place to be in, if you ask me.

lara c. fan
07-12-10, 07:49
Try and make it so you only have drink in there, and mix with laxatives.

07-12-10, 09:24
PLAN B('cause you should have one :p):

Maybe you could bake a delicious looking cake but mix a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce in the batter. That might put someone off from stealing again.

PLAN C('cause I think it's brilliant):

07-12-10, 09:35
Sounds like more than one thief.

07-12-10, 11:17
Lock your dorm doors and give the key copies to the members only.

As Tony suggested poison(which came up on my mind as well), as hillarious as it is, try putting something on the food that can induce stomach ache when the thief stole and eat them. That'll teach them. :mis:

Dream Raider: Camera idea is brilliant! Yes, it just might work. When you did capture the culprit(s), post it on youtube and post it here for our enjoyment.

07-12-10, 11:19
Hidden cameras of course.


07-12-10, 11:27
If it really urks ya then report it, or get the cops involved.

07-12-10, 11:35
Would the thief be as dumb to take some cheese from a mousetrap? :mis:
Cameras is the best idea. Maybe leave a computer with a webcam on and capture everything :mis:

07-12-10, 11:39
Put an alarm on the fridge lol

07-12-10, 12:11
If it really urks ya then report it, or get the cops involved.lol this is a university case, I doubt the cops will be interested. Things got stolen all the time there.

07-12-10, 12:13
lol this is a university case, I doubt the cops will be interested. Things got stolen all the time there.

Yeah I know, I just didn't know what else to add.
I know its just University drama, but stealing still is a crime and as mentioned its been going on for awhile, I dunno I'm tired lmfao.

Avalon SARL
07-12-10, 12:39
Video camera
and tell no one about it, even your closest friend, even to someone whose stuff is alsobeing stolen.
Maybe him in a disguise>>> I dont trust anyone

07-12-10, 12:44

Maybe this will get them to fess up? :p

Barry Matharoo
07-12-10, 12:52
i am all for laxative idea
it would be easier to find out the culprit

but it also has its consequences

suppose someone just tastes your stuff just for the heck of it

all will be blamed on him lol

camera is a good idea
but how do u know the guy u are trusting is not the thief
so do it very discreetly

07-12-10, 13:05
Am in student accom myself, unlucky you've got a thief to deal with!

I'd suggest:

Alerting your flatmates that there's a food thief among you. Someone might even confess at this stage. Still, it means that everyone is more alert to the situation and its in the open. If someone does confess, tell them you would rather be asked first at the very least or have had the opportunity to give permission and that anything to the contrary isn't acceptable - that puts more power in your hands and send out the right message. You've got to live with this person after all.

Secondly, try to keep as much as you can in your room. I keep everything except salts/sauces and meats/dairy in my room - though I'm lucky enough to have the storage for it. It minimises what can be lost in the communal area.

So, personally, my approach would be direct and rather obvious because it would put out a message that you don't tolerate having stuff taken from you without permission.

Oh and while getting the police involved is a bit dramatic, it might be worth letting your accommodation warden (assuming you're in halls?) if it escalates.

Hope that helps!

07-12-10, 13:58

buy a few of these...

Dennis's Mom
07-12-10, 14:12
I did a google search for "how to stop stealing dorm food" and got some interesting solutions.

Writing "Not Yours" on everything helped one person.

Several people posted that tampering with food or threatened tampering didn't work so well. Some people have been charged for X-lax tampering apparently.

The suggestion I liked best was putting your stuff in an opaque container. Apparently going into a private container made it feel more like "theft" than just taking something out of the fridge. if you can lock the container, all the better.

07-12-10, 14:26
Buy a fridge with a lock? Then you're set unless they have a sledgehammer. :ton:

cezy rockeru
07-12-10, 15:15

Mouse traps :p Wait for the yelling.

put some Chaz....I mean cheese there and wait:mis:

07-12-10, 17:09
This happens all the time at uni if you go self catered, so called borrowing without asking. You can't really help it, but maybe just tell everyone that you don't like people using your food without permission, as you have paid for it yourself etc.

Or, organise a system with food sharing; It's cheaper to buy a huge bottle of milk between 6 than use a small one, so have each person pay their share for a large bottle.
Stealing the last bit of your cake is a little out of order, you could put it in something where nobody can see it, rather than leaving it in the open. Or, if you're a medical student, label every bottle with 'Stool Sample' etc. to deter people. :p

I'm guessing you can't keep a fridge in your room?

07-12-10, 17:19

Now thats genius.

larson n natla
07-12-10, 19:30
Laxatives - You'll soon find out when they run to the toilet.

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07-12-10, 21:22
Put a chain on your fridge!

07-12-10, 21:23
Tamper with the food somehow, then you can seek out the culprit :mis:

07-12-10, 23:14
If it was me, i'd feel bad putting laxatives in the food so If it was me, I would put random splodges of green food colouring on the food to make it look like mould :p

07-12-10, 23:17
hmmm...doesn't every ****ing dorm room come with a little fridge?or is that the case only where I live :confused: