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John Falstaff
12-11-03, 20:22
Hi Everyone,


It seems that Saruman (played) by Christopher Lee has been axed, it seems completely, from the finale of LOTR! Instead of playing a key role in the finale Saruman/Lee will, it appears be absent.

The actor had no comment, and no explanation has been forthcoming!

Will there be no 'Scouring of the Shire'?

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What do you think? (Can you find a link?)

(Sorry no link, but it's from the AOL 'welcome' page!)

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12-11-03, 20:25

I hope not.

It better not be true...

12-11-03, 20:28
Tried Googling it?

John Falstaff
12-11-03, 20:33
Geck -o-Lizard,

It's way too dark to play cricket, and you know it!


But TRelic, it appears to be true!


12-11-03, 20:34
Okay, so I got this from here (http://www.theonering.net/staticnews/1068655898.html)

Chris Lee Comments on the ROTK-Line
Xoanon @ 11:51 am EST

SlayerVixen writes: I was watching the uk morning show This Morning aware he was going to be on it and he has infact verified that his character will not be featured in ROTK, he seemed sad when he mentioned it but due to a confidentiality agreement he was not able to comment further. What he did say though was that he didn't know why they had done it and stated if they wanted to know the reason for it they would probably have to speak to New Line or Peter Jackson.

The main vibe I got from it was that he couldn't really comment but he seemed really disappointed, I really felt for him. He has also just stated he won't be going to the premiere, so it would appear he was cut without being asked, he seems greatly dissapointed. He said there is no point for me or Brad Dourif to go to the premiere we're not in the movie! Its a sad state of affairs he seems as shocked as many of us are.

John Falstaff
12-11-03, 20:38
OK, one of the many links found by our Scottish leg spinner!


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John Falstaff
13-11-03, 22:23
'Bump' (is that right?)

But I can't believe that Jackson has the nerve to cut Saruman from the end of the LOTR!

Or am I the only one who cares?


13-11-03, 23:01
Your not the only one who cares about it! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif
How can they change the story cutting Saruman and expect that the fans of Tolkien stay still!!! :mad:
I haven't finish reading the last book but as for now, he's important to the story. How can he not be to the end of it?! :confused:

Marcus T
13-11-03, 23:11
No, you aren't Falstaff. I think it's outrageous, to do this to Chris Lee, who's such a big fan of Tolkien. There is a petition to put him back in, right here:

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John Falstaff
13-11-03, 23:36
Thanks for the link Marcus T!

The whole end of TLOTR is dependent on the character of Saruman. In the end the 'Scouring of the Shire' is about the development of the Hobbits, their maturity and their ability to have the courage to stick up for themselves!

I thought that the first film was quite good, the second painful, and it is clear that the third will be a travesty. What dire 'Hollywood' ending are we up for!

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Marcus T
13-11-03, 23:56
Originally posted by John Falstaff:
The whole end of TLOTR is dependent on the character of Saruman. In the end the 'Scouring of the Shire' is about the development of the Hobbits, their maturity and their ability to have the courage to stick up for themselves! I agree fully, I quoted this on another forum, hope you don't mind? ;) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Not to mention, Saruman is a main bad guy, I'm sure people who hasn't read the book wants to see what becomes of him.

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Marcus T
14-11-03, 00:10

"Appalled. What will you give us - 7 minutes of wargs instead?"

(One of the petition inputs)

John Falstaff
14-11-03, 00:12
Nope, don't mind at all.

But has there been any 'official' explanation.

When I first heard about such a major attempt at LOTR, given the failure of the first, I was quite excited. The first film, I thought, was well done! OK so Tom B was missed, but in general I thought it was well done.

The second film deviated so much from the books, especially vis a vis Isengard and the Ents, I found it offensive. (See earlier threads for details.)

But this latest change can only mean that the whole story, and its meaning, have been totally altered!

I can now see why Tolkien's family disowned the project.

:( :(

Marcus T
14-11-03, 17:10
Here are some memorable inputs from the petition to re-insert Christopher Lee:

”we want legolas!”

”Save Saruman, help us to kill him”

”Saruman Lives! Er...Dies!”

”saruman who?”

”Saruman! Saruman! Saruman! Ok...Grima too!”

”Will Young rules! and VOTE MICHELLE IN POP IDOL UK! MICHELLE MUST WIN!!!!!!!! oh, and restore saruman”

”Save Dracula”


”I Love Merry”


Signed as David Beckham: ”Victoria wants Saruman in TROTK”

Christopher Lee: ”It's like a stake through the heart!!”

An input I wholeheartedly agree with:
”Saruman (and Womrtongue) have been built up as villains throughout the first two films; it seems ridiculous to cast them aside with hardly a backward nod. If not the death of Saruman, at least the breaking of the staff would have afforded some kind of closure.”

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14-11-03, 23:10
On another thread I did state that I have avoided the over-hyped LOTR films because I prefer to cherish my own, imagined images of the adventures of The Fellowship.

I felt that no amount of CGI could do Tolkien's word pictures justice. I felt that the story would become secondary to the movie. Thus I am proved correct.

The official line on this outrage, is that the final Saruman scenes where cut for...wait for it..."artistic reasons",

I need say no more.

14-11-03, 23:46
I'm with Rob, to an extent! I know others like the films, I will watch 'cos there's very little else to do over Xmas but, fundamentally, they're rubbish and bear very little resemblance to the books. btw, i did post some months ago that 'Scouring of the Shire' had been totally ignored. Don't say you were not warned.

Btw, cinegraphically (sp) excellant!


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14-11-03, 23:50

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John Falstaff
14-11-03, 23:52
Hi Tippucat,

You seem to be saying that the films bear little resemblence to, er, the films!

Shome Mishtake shurely!?

But I'm worried that some people will now see the film version as definative, when the books are not only the original, but are IMO, far superior!

Like the Lake .... or something!


Marcus T
15-11-03, 01:00
Books are always better than movie adaptions. There are many points and aspects that you don't get on the big screen, emotion wise in particular. The only thing that puts a stop is your imagination. A film is 2 dimensional, while a book is 3 dimensional.

John Falstaff
15-11-03, 01:14
Marcus T,

I agree, but I'm a bit worried that some will come to see J.R.R.T's work simply as 'the book of the film, rather than vice versa!


15-11-03, 01:18
Thank You

Very well put. :mad:

Marcus T
15-11-03, 01:21
Yes, I'm afraid that is the case for people who have been introduced to Tolkien via the films, rather than the books...

15-11-03, 01:26
I rather think that the films will ebb after a very short space of time.

The printed words will last forever.

John Falstaff
15-11-03, 01:26
I feel very let down in a way. The first attempt at a LOTR film (c.79) was poor and ran out of money. But this time round, while they started off 'OK', they've gone from bad to worse it seems.

I really do wonder how bad the end will be (sans Saruman and Grima). I can't help feeling that this will do nothing but mar Tolkien's legacy!


Marcus T
15-11-03, 01:29
Originally posted by John Falstaff:
The first attempt at a LOTR film You mean the animated one?

15-11-03, 01:35
As I recall, they ran out of of money and the guy backing it died part way through the project!

Oh Dear!

15-11-03, 03:01
They may well have run out of money. Who knows? Shame they also ran out of imagination and thought they could sell an 'idea' that actually bears very little resemblance to the original. The films will not bear the passage of time, ultimately, of course, the books will. And that, imo, is all that matters. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif