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07-12-10, 13:02

I just learnt that there are 2 versions of the movie Alien≥. I have the original cinematic version and, contrary to popular belief, I think it's one helluva movie! I love it - almost as much as the 2 previous ones. :D

But now there appears to be a longer, director's cut version of Alien≥. A movie that they *say* exceeds the original version simply because it makes more sense, etc ...

In any other way, I would have already bought that version ... BUT I read that - SPOILER AHEAD - the death of Ripley does not show the alien bursting out of her chest.

The reason why I lůve that moment, is because the one thing she feared the most (she even had nightmares in the 2nd movie about it) is that alien being 'born' out of her chest .... and now it doesn't affect her in the least, because she's ready to go down and take the last Alien with her in the process of death)

In short: So there is one scene missing that I truly love in the longer version and several other scenes have been replaced.

My question to you is simple: For those of you have seen either version or better yet both versions - what version of Alien≥ is the best, please? The one that I love dearly or the longer version which I have not seen yet.

I hope someone out there (in space, lol) has a clear and distinctive answer. I'm going crazy here. ;)

Many, many thanks in advance!

Bye for now

07-12-10, 13:09
It's not a directors cut really, it's an assembly cut. Or whatever they called it. And I prefer that version to the theatrical version except for the scene where she sacrifices herself. I prefer it in the theatrical version when the queen bursts out her chest as she falls rather than her just falling in the assembly cut.

It's an excellent version of the movie really.