View Full Version : My Apologies

Laras Dream
08-12-10, 01:19
Hello! I started a bit of rude spamming behaviour earlier and want to say sorry. :( I apologized a while back in the past, but I don't think I was as bad this time. :) Please accept my apologizes.

On another note, unfortunately I am not allowed to be by my mother's when she gets her operation. :( My Dad although will be allowed, one visitor only. :(

08-12-10, 02:20
I hope she makes it out alright :)

Why cant you just wait in the hall or something; does this One Visitor rule apply to one visitor in the actual hospital room?

maybe you can get a ride to the hospital, and you dad can leave her bedside for a bit, while you visit, and then you go leave when he returns?

unless she wont be in recovery for a long enough time to need plan such a thing as i suggested.
What kind of surgery is she getting?

Laras Dream
08-12-10, 12:18
She is getting her stomach took out and then they are going to cut part o it off and put it back in. :eek: No is supposed to be allowed into the hospital at that time. :(