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09-12-10, 06:46
Was walking home today. Saw a baby starling that had fallen out of a nest on the footpath.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in my area and previously I have rescued lost fledglings, some injured which I have first nursed back to health, and taken them to bird rescue centers for social interaction and later releases into the wild.

I thought I had better pick it up and see whether I could find it's nest nearby, but it was difficult and I didn't have any useful items on me like a jumper to throw over it. Nevertheless I approached the bird, who waddled under a car and I attempted to grasp it around from behind the other side of a tire.

However, the baby flew low over the ground across the road out from under the car without me noticing before I had bent down to reach for it.
Looked back up and it was in a driveway about 10 meters away.

As I walked towards the driveway, a cat pounced out from the corresponding garden with no warning, and with a tweet the bird was killed and taken away through a hedge.

Slightly shocked, all I could do was walk away. What's bugging me now is the thought that if I hadn't begun to interfere, the bird may still be alive. I keep telling myself that it wouldn't have lasted the night anyway; probably not even the evening (the road was a no exit with a path to my street, and I know many many other domestic cats also live in that closed off area).

Baby starlings/sparrows cannot produce the necessary combatants for bacteria that reside in cats' and dogs' mouths, instead they must be received from the mother's feeding during development. Even if the bird had survived, if punctured it would have died in the next 24 hours. I've seen this more times than I'd like to have seen before.

The irony is every weekend (especially in this Xmas period) I will be looking after 50+ cats in a cattery at the Veterinary clinic I currently have an occupation with...

09-12-10, 07:16
Life is rather cruel, you tried to help though. That's more than many can say. At least this way, the bird, if injured, doesn't have to suffer, right? :) Don't let it get to you too badly, I bet you'll have an opportunity to make a difference for another animal sooner or later :) :hug:

09-12-10, 07:36
the bird probably would've died anyway, the cat was probably spying on the bird before, my cat can stalk insects for atleast half an our before the pounces :o

09-12-10, 07:41
I hate hearing stories like these. I also think the baby bird would have died, so at least it didn't have an antagonizing death :( It's a cruel world, but that's the food chain for you. The cat was only reacting on instinct. Poor little birdie, though. They're so cute!

09-12-10, 17:28
You're not actually supposed to pick them up unless they're really injured or they've been there for a while :( You acted out of kindness though -- and its certainly not your fault the poor thing died. You're right, it probably would have died anyway due to shock or injury.

Nature does suck sometimes. I guess I'm lucky in the fact I can usually save everything I find myself.