View Full Version : Spike TV in EU??

10-12-10, 14:37
Hi There,

I have a small question:

I would like to see a show on Spike TV tomorrow, but they don't play in EU.
Website keeps giving me the error: We're sorry, This video is not available in your country

Does anyone have a link where i can stream Spike TV, or another way to watch the show??

Thanks in advance...

10-12-10, 14:43
Maybe you can watch it from another site. I'll see if I can find a site for you.

10-12-10, 14:51
Please, I'm still looking aswell, but so far nothing

10-12-10, 15:03
Does this link work for you:


10-12-10, 15:14
And where do i have to click then??

EDIT: No, i get the same error message when i click on the first banner.

Legend of Lara
10-12-10, 16:04
Maybe it'll be on YouTube in the near future or something.

10-12-10, 16:09
Do you have to sign up to vote?

10-12-10, 16:19
Do you have to sign up to vote?

I don't know