View Full Version : When are you online at eBay the most?

Anniversary Lara
11-12-10, 09:16
What time of the day, which days a week?

I'm curious because I want to sell on eBay and of course I'd like to have sucess ;)

If a thread with a similar topic was already posted, I'm sorry. The search function is gone?! Or I'm blind :p

11-12-10, 09:22
When I want something. :pi:

11-12-10, 09:46
When I drink.

I rarely drink, but I turn into a rabid internet shopper when I do. Not a mean drunk, not a stupid one... just a "OMFG PRETTY SHOES" drunk.

11-12-10, 09:52
When I want videogames for cheaper prices, but then I end up paying more on e-bay than if I just go to wal-mart or gamestop. :vlol: (or my mom spends more anyways. :pi:)

Anniversary Lara
11-12-10, 10:21
I meant more like: What time of the day, which days a week?

11-12-10, 10:25
Yeah, we were just trolling you. I don't go there regularly enough to give a proper answer. I don't think there's any way to really figure out when would be the best time to list an item. It'd be different for everyone.

11-12-10, 10:40

Don't like internetz shopping.

11-12-10, 10:49

Don't like internetz shopping.


I don't know what I'd do without it, if it weren't for amazon I wouldn't get cheap converse hightops. :vlol:

The ones they sell in stores are like: 39-50...Amazon = 20.

Sorry if that's advertising, but seriously, I get more cheap crap from the internet then I do in a shop in real life.

11-12-10, 11:14
Whenever I want to buy something?... I don't have a set time or day when I go on it?....

11-12-10, 11:14
Whenever there's something on my mind to buy.;)

11-12-10, 11:17
Usually in the evenings when I'm just relaxing. Browsing Ebay can take hours for me!

11-12-10, 13:57
I've never been to eBay :ohn:

11-12-10, 14:06
Just put it up for bid for 10 days. :p That should work lol.

cezy rockeru
11-12-10, 18:16
I've never been to eBay :ohn:

me neither and I'm not really the "buy-on-Internet" type of guy:p

11-12-10, 21:45
The Friday evening of my pay day :pi: