View Full Version : Is the photo editing feature on Photobucket free?

Lee croft
11-12-10, 13:39
Its in the title just wanted to know thanks :)

11-12-10, 13:55
Why can't you find out?

Lee croft
11-12-10, 14:00
I am trying at the moment but i that this would be a good idea too

11-12-10, 14:06
Oh right ;)

Can't help you myself, I stopped using PB years ago because it's too slow and it sucked. I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question, if you've not found out for yourself by then.

Lee croft
11-12-10, 14:43
Oh ok ...Well I still have not found anything

11-12-10, 14:47
If it wasn't free, I'm pretty sure you would have to put in your payment details. :p