View Full Version : How to approach a Film director / producer with desired technical knowledge?

13-12-10, 04:29
Yes. I want to approach a film director to discuss some technicalities for which they should give immediate response to discuss in person. Which is that technical would help me to get a chance to discuss with him directly. Or What could be the technical or technology discussion they would like to have in person..?

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13-12-10, 06:00
Well, I don't know anything about this, but I think you should definitely be more specific. What "technicalities" exactly? :p

13-12-10, 09:18
Judging by the OP - wrong section.
Moving to General Chat.

13-12-10, 09:45
What about: Good morning sir!:D

13-12-10, 13:09
Say hello.

Welcome to the forums btw :wve: