View Full Version : Our Redeeming Qualities (A Game... ish)

21-12-10, 05:34
Let's brighten up the mood, peeps! ^_^

RULES AND SUCH: It's kinda like a game. You say something you like and/or a quality you wish you had from the person; the person being whoever posted above you. :D So, you say something you like about them and then someone else posts and they say something they like about you. Understandable, right? :D You can say as many redeeming qualities as you want.

So, obviously there's no-one above me, so whoever posts next will have to start off the game. Yes, you'll have to say which redeeming quality/qualities I have. It shouldn't be too hard. :ton:

Okay, let's get started, then. :jmp:

21-12-10, 05:39
Mmm, Can take a lot from people and still stay positive. :)

21-12-10, 05:43
Awww, thanx! :hug: Positive is my middle name. ^_^

You're persistent and you don't take crap from anyone. :D From what I've read. :p

\Tomb Raider/
21-12-10, 05:47
sounds very kind and sweet in his or her post :cln:

Lara Croft!
21-12-10, 13:22
From the location, I understand that you are a person that stays true to his beliefs.

21-12-10, 13:30
You're kind whatever location you live in.

Chocola teapot
21-12-10, 14:25
You're always up for a chat and continue in the face of criticism.

One can always count on you being there in OC.

21-12-10, 14:43
Jack, you're so creative and talented ^_^ You such a good listener, and have always been there for me when I'm sad or angry x

21-12-10, 14:54
You're really beautiful, inside and out! :D

21-12-10, 14:56
You seem to be like a really nice and smart person :D

21-12-10, 14:56
@Mikky - aww thankyou!

You are always so kind and love tigers <3 Which is fantastic ^_^

@TheRCroft - You're so sweet and caring, and just genuinely such a lovely person ^_^ And you love Jake, which is just... Jakeilicious <3

21-12-10, 15:17
Humm, Hayley..
Well, she's one of the sweetest, smartest and cutest people I've ever met. She is always giving great advices, she cares about other people and she is really beautiful, inside and outside, like Mikky said.

Lara Croft!
21-12-10, 21:05
Next poster is to comment on TheRCroft

You're kind whatever location you live in.

You should have checked what \Tomb Raider/ has written in his location before making such a comment peeves.

21-12-10, 21:09
^ TheRCroft
Nice, Cute, Funny, Great Friend, Talkative, very CREATIVE....simply said Jakelicious :hug:
and he like, likes Jake....that's a plus +1k ^_^

21-12-10, 21:53
Fun, random, interesting, helpful, supportive, nice in his own wicked way, likes Ke$ha. ;D

21-12-10, 22:03
Diego - You're so kind, you always have a nice word to say about people ^_^ You're such a talented writer and a true friend -- I really value your friendship :hug: xxx

EDIT: I still think its so sweet you bothered to draw me a fanart of Shadow xx I love it x

22-12-10, 21:05
Hayley is just so adorable! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD

23-12-10, 02:12
You're my chocolate mama :3.