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Mad Tony
21-12-10, 12:01
Or in this case, receiving money from abroad.

My Dad lives in Australia and wants to send some money to my bank account. He doesn't know if he needs any extra information other than my account number and sort code and neither do I. So my question here is, what information do I need to give him on top of that? I'm not up on how this kind of thing works hence why I'm asking here.

I'm with Lloyds TSB if that makes any difference.

Many thanks.

21-12-10, 12:07
I guess he only needs your name, account number and, of course, the bank's name. :p
I once sent money in UK and I needed only that. :)

Another Lara
21-12-10, 12:17
Yeah all he needs is the name of the bank, account number and sort code.

The office I work in deals a lot with foreign payment, and I'm one of the lucky ones who usually has to chase it up! ;)

Mad Tony
21-12-10, 12:43
Thanks for the help. :)

21-12-10, 19:54
The IBAN (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBAN) contains all of the abovementioned information. If you give him that, he should have all he needs.

21-12-10, 20:19
You can do it thought Paypal easy enough.

22-12-10, 17:54
You could try Western Union, but they have a charge for the service.