View Full Version : Some help with maths, please?

21-12-10, 14:12
I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with a maths problem. I'm playing a game and in the game 36 inches / yard of linen is 4 gold pieces, in one 1 gold piece there is 10 silver pieces and in a silver piece there is 10 copper pieces. I'm trying to understand how much it is for 1 inch of linen? Any help would be much appreciated.

21-12-10, 14:31
One silver coin and one copper coin.

21-12-10, 14:35
One silver coin and one copper coin.

Thank you :hug:

21-12-10, 14:37
It's specifically 1.111 silver pieces, so you'd need 1 silver and 2 copper if it gets rounded up.

21-12-10, 14:39
Youre welcome. :)

Im sorry, I didnt explain how I got the answer. Its not hard:

4 gold coins make 4x10x10 copper coins = 400 copper coins
36 inches is 400 copper coins, so 1 inch is 400/36 = 11,11 copper coins

So that's how I got 1 silver coin (10 copper ones) and 1 copper coin. :)