View Full Version : Ancient Humans, Dubbed 'Denisovans', Interbred With Us

22-12-10, 19:31
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22-12-10, 20:01
Wow, another species?
A lot of barks up the evolution tree. It's a bit odd to imagine different species of humans coexisting. Okay maybe not that hard, but it would be something.
Trial and error in evolution.. looks funny :p

So we all came from Africa, but at what stage did all these human species evolve?
Or is it just the homosapiens who stayed in Africa that eventually took dominance? with a dash from that species and a dash from another? :confused:

22-12-10, 20:15
I always knew.

Now I will go read the article.

Dude, this is so sick.:cool:

Chocola teapot
22-12-10, 20:37
D'em Denisovans must'a been sexy.