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25-12-10, 12:12
Hey guys and gals of TRF :D

Our school is holding a science fair and I need to present a project by next month. However, I have to specify the topic this week via an email to my teacher.

I need a topic that covers biology, chemistry, and physics. Or a subject that just covers two sciences but it has to be really good.

Here is my idea so far:

Image devices:
TV's, cameras, 3D image devices (Kinect, SONAR), medical imaging devices, biological imaging devices (human eye).

The concept: Explain the mechanics behind these devices, their uses, and historical predecessors

Suggest new technologies to help improve such devices.

The model: Nipkow Disk television (Baird Televisor)
Simplified model of a camera.

Do you guys think that this is an interesting topic?
Can you please suggest interesting topics and help me out?

Any help is appreciated :) Oh and Merry Christmas y'all!