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25-12-10, 15:42
I'm in a very minor dilemma here :o

My Aunt wishes to buy me something...but I can't think of anything I would really want.

I was thinking, a camera; but then I realized "What would I really use it for?" I rarely go places so...
maybe a webcam? :p

My other thought was an MP3 player, but I would just pirate all my music. I'm trying my best to not do that, so unless I buy 5 CD's, the MP3 is pointless :p

Then I was thinking about PC hardware; then realized nothing would make any immeadiate change nor would it be worth it to try and upgrade my rig, let alone there are no PC shops around here :o

And finally, I was thinking about Gran Turismo 5, but really; I need something else other than games :p

Might sound stupid, but if you could give a suggestion, what would it be?

25-12-10, 15:45
Cheese, and plenty of it.

25-12-10, 15:45
Er... put the money in the bank and just say you bought something with it!?

25-12-10, 15:46
how about a gift card?

25-12-10, 15:48
Your aunt hasn't got you anything yet? :eek: (j/k)

Hmm, well you seem to have listed everything you would want. What other interests do you have?

I must admit whenever I'm asked what I want, my mind goes blank :p

25-12-10, 15:49
how about a gift card?
Yes, canīt go wrong with that. Or just money (but I donīt really like that personally). :)

25-12-10, 16:01
Hm. A Gift card would be nice... :pi:

More suggestions are still welcome.

25-12-10, 17:55
i didn't get anything so something would be nice.

Lara's home
25-12-10, 17:57
How about socks? I love socks.

cezy rockeru
25-12-10, 17:58
Money to buy yourself something when you decide:p
Something for sport:p

25-12-10, 18:10
You can play pirated music on an mp3 player.

Not that I'm condoning it or anything! :ton:

25-12-10, 18:22
You can play pirated music on an mp3 player.

Not that I'm condoning it or anything! :ton:

Mhmm. :tea: But yeah, it's possible.

25-12-10, 18:28
How much money your aunt has?:pi:

25-12-10, 19:01
I think you should just save it until you figure out for yourself what you want. :)

25-12-10, 19:02
Cheese, and plenty of it.
this :pi:

and i agree with mikky TRLEstew :D