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29-12-10, 18:38
Hey guys, I was given a pair of non prescription (cosmetic) coloured contact lenses for my Birthday four days ago. I have perfect vision and I only wanted to try them out because I really like all of the interesting colours that you can wear however, whenever I have them in my eyes, my vision becomes slightly impaired.

I've been wearing them for the past four days and have noticed that I find it harder to read small text, things appear clouded and blurry, and I find myself blinking a lot to regain focus. They're not uncomfortable themselves just irritating.

My sister, who bought me them, has been wearing the same brand for years and has never had any problems at all. So I was just wondering if this is normal or not. Are my eyes just adjusting to the contact lenses or should I just leave them out and have an eye test to determine which contacts to get for my eyes?

Lara Croft!
29-12-10, 19:19
An eye irritation is too important to ask advice here. Visit a doctor.
Generally irritation of contacts, like blurriness is normal if you wear them for many hours or if you are in a room with lots of smoke, or too warm. That's what happens to me.

29-12-10, 19:32
Yeah I probably will if things don't improve, I was just wondering if anybody else on the forums had experienced these sort of problems. Thanks for the advice :)

29-12-10, 20:05
I have contacts for many years now (but I obviously don't have perfect vision :p) and sometimes they bother me, especially if my eyes are too dry. You can also buy eye drops for contacts and try this first, otherwise go to the doctor. Maybe your eyes can't stand them or you need to buy different ones.

29-12-10, 20:20
Yeah, I guess there's always the possibility they're just not for me. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it:tmb:

29-12-10, 20:22
Yeah, I guess there's always the possibility they're just not for me. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it:tmb:

You're welcome, I hope you will find a good solution! :) :hug:

29-12-10, 20:34
I wear contacts and have found that the cold weather kills my eyes! (not coloured one's though)

Maybe it is cold that could affect the moisture of your eyes and that make your vision blurred.

But however.......some peoples eyes are not great with contacts.... something to do with the curve of the eyes. Better to ask an optician.

29-12-10, 20:55
I find that it just generally happens whether I'm in a warm house or out in the cold so I think it must have something to do with my eyes in particular. I agree, I think visiting a professional would be best, thanks a lot for the help :)

29-12-10, 20:56
Just a quick question (as I couldn't tell from your posts): you do take them out at night, clean them, and not sleep in them, right? Also, make sure when you clean them that you put the lens in your palm concave up, squirt some contact solution into it, and rub it gently on your palm for a few seconds before putting it into your contact case. ;)

29-12-10, 21:04
Yep, they came with a bottle of solution and a case with two separate compartments and I clean/rinse them out with the solution before I insert them and after I've taken them out (leaving them in the solution filled compartments over night as I don't wear them then.) I make sure they are as clean as possible because I don't want to put my eyes at risk, which is why I'm hesitant to continue wearing them given the problems I've been having:tmb:

Legend 4ever
29-12-10, 23:21
I used to wear contacts and all I gotta say is -- you can't expect the effect to be unnoticeable when you've got a piece of plastic or whatever in you eye. My eye used to get red and watery all the time because of contacts. Then I stopped using them because I couldn't find the ones that had a really dramatic effect, just the ones that mixed with my natural blue eyes. It looked pretty weird.

29-12-10, 23:32
Yeah I understand what you mean, it's just that I really like how they look when they are in my eyes, but it's simply not worth it if I can't even see properly through them. Plus it's a shame because of the fact that they are monthly disposable contacts and I've only had them for four days. No worries though, thanks a lot for all your comments guys :tmb:

31-12-10, 21:43
some contacts have to be fitted specifically to the wearer's eyes. I know my mom's had to and mine will, something having to do with the way her eye curved differently, and i inherited it, so ask about that at the optometrist's maybe?

01-01-11, 16:38
You could just have some irritation from the short period of wearing them. Do you wear contacts on a regular basis or is this your first time with contacts? It took me about a week or so to get my eyes used to having contact lenses in them.

My doctor told me to wear them for a short period of time at first, then to gradually add an hour or two to the wear time, so my eyes could slowly adjust.

Just try wearing with a short amount of time, like 6-8 hours, then bump up your wearing time gradually. I hope this helps you. :)

Evan C.
01-01-11, 16:46
I had a good pair and my advice is:
Keep them ALWAYS clean and you won't feel anything, because you will get used to them.BUT,the first time you did something wrong, you will feel unconfortable.Follow instructions and won't be problems, but If you do, consult a doctor ;)

01-01-11, 17:15
chobits743 - This is my first time wearing contacts. I've had them for a week now and the problem has improved slightly but they are still incredibly irritating for my eyes, I ended up with bloodshot and itchy eyes last night after wearing them for around six hours.

My vision is still rather blurry as well when wearing them, I'm just wondering if this is all normal for the first week or not because I'd rather stop using them now if they are damaging my eyes than continue wearing them and have more severe problems with my eyes. Thanks for the advice :tmb:

Evan C - I clean them thoroughly everytime I use them and store them away because I'm a major clean freak lol The only thing I can think of is that is causing this is the possibility of my eyes not being well suited to the lenses as they are non prescription and merely cosmetic 'one size fits all' contacts.

Today I decided to stop wearing them because they are just too much for my eyes to handle even within just 20 minutes of wearing them. I even bought some eye drops to keep my eyes moist and prevent them from drying out and it didn't really help.

I'm just wondering if you guys think I should continue wearing them for short periods of time to let my eyes adjust to them, or to leave them alone and see an eye doctor. At the moment I'm more inclined to doing the latter.

Evan C.
01-01-11, 17:27
If you feel too must unconfotable, visit a doctor.He will be the biggest solution and you will find out once for all what's the problem.Perhaps it's more simple than you think, so it's the better option.Eyes are very important so don't put them in risk for a simple thing ;)

01-01-11, 18:06
Yeah I think I might just do that just to be safe, thanks a lot for the advice :tmb:

Evan C.
01-01-11, 18:35
You're welcome, and happy new year :D

02-01-11, 15:49
Same to you! :)