View Full Version : I am so evil!!!

Alex Shepherd
30-12-10, 20:26
I am feeling so evil within myself...
My friend called me and she always ask about me and she brought a special gift for me + a card in my birthday last year... I brought gifts for all my best friends who I care about and think about, Some of them didn't invited me over and others didn't make their birthday but they felt happy when they just knew that someone is for them... The gift is a symbol that I am for them... But except her the only one who I forgot to tell her a Happy birthday and didn't bring her a gift which she was really sad about it but she never said a word...
Today is my birthday and I invited all my friends... 7 of them... 4 of them came we had a lot of fun and the 3 others which I do really care about them the most never show... They told me a Happy Birthday in my facebook wall but they never show up... I don't really mean anything, the 4 of them didn't bring me a gift but I don't really care if they brought me or not but wanna show you something that she called me back and she told me a happy birthday in the phone and she brought me a gift pleasing me to come over her place where she work to take it from her... I told her that I don't deserve it... I bring gifts for my friends and always know their birthday and think about them every time which most of them never think about me... And for the person who bring me gifts + cards + calls + care about me a lot who I never think about her... I am feeling myself so miserable, she's still waiting for me tomorrow but don't know how to see her like this :-/

30-12-10, 20:28