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31-12-10, 01:08
I just got an iPod Touch, and I was wondering if there were any apps you guys would like to recommend :) I have $30 worth of iTunes gift cards to blow, so which apps would you suggest?

I already got GoL, and the Sims 3 :p

So any recommendations? :D

31-12-10, 01:36
Angry Birds O.O
That is like....a MUST HAVE ^_^

31-12-10, 01:55
Fat booth is fun haha I'm on my iPod touch ATM :D

31-12-10, 02:00
Cut the rope :D Its a cute little game :p

31-12-10, 02:25
Fruit Ninja, 'nuff said.

KC Mraz
31-12-10, 03:28
I vote for Fruit Ninja too. Go, go, go!!!

Peggle is a complete time waster too. I also like Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, Resident Evil 4, Hook Champ, Alive 4-ever, Plants vs Zombies and Jet Car Stunts.

If it's the new model and you plan on playing around with the camera, get Camera+ or Instagram. They are nice non-game apps.

31-12-10, 05:42
Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled! :cln:

Melonie Tomb Raider
31-12-10, 06:46
Game Dev Story. Sooooo addicting :p

God Horus
31-12-10, 07:06
Uhm, wait, so you live in Ontario too (like me), so you can use an iTunes card in the App store? Because I thought you couldn't do that in Canada :confused:

If you can that rocks, I really want to buy GoL!

31-12-10, 07:54
Off the top of my head (that no one's mentioned yet):

Talking Carl - it records short phrases and has a cute/weird/really awesome dude say them back to you (it's more fun than it sounds!)
Chaos Rings - a full-fledged RPG game (but really expensive compared to all the other game apps on the App Store)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - a freaking awesome game where you get to be a lawyer and prove people innocent
Civilization Revolution - A turn based strategy game
XenoWars - Like Cartoon Wars but better because you get extra energy/mana to spend by playing a Bejeweled like game on the side

31-12-10, 10:38
Angry Birds O.O
That is like....a MUST HAVE ^_^

It seems that this particular application sends information about your contacts and your ID number telephon and then use it for other spamming services. The application also has access to your location and behavior with your phone.:confused:
I uninstalled it.:pi:

31-12-10, 11:23
What does that mean ^ :S

31-12-10, 12:30
What does that mean ^ :S

It means that such application, among others, uses the private information from your phone to use it for other purposes. I have heard this about this application and other on throw balls of paper at a paper bin, twice in the news.

03-01-11, 19:33
I just got Broken Sword for my iPad and iPhone its free.

Infinity Blade
Grand Thef Auto China Gown wars
Resident Evil 4
Chaos Rings


03-01-11, 19:38
Mirrors edge
sonic 4
la di dah (Something like that its for auto tune im not saying you cant sing or anything.)

Thats all I can think about for the moment.

03-01-11, 23:22

04-01-11, 01:38
Angry Birds

like a MUST