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26-10-04, 23:06
Agriculture is a major concern in the Punjab and Haryana provinces of northwestern India, and accordingly agricultural fires are commonplace. This true-color Aqua MODIS image from October 25, 2004 shows an unusually dense cluster of fires sending large amounts of smoke into the atmosphere. The underlying Aqua image from October 23rd shows the same scene, and illustrates how much difference two days makes in the number of fires and amount of smoke.

While urban pollution and dust (from dense cities nearby and dust storms in the surrounding regions) could also be factors in the poor air quality in these images, the smoke is by far the major culprit. Geography also plays a role in the accumulation and dispersal of the air pollution. The Himalaya Mountains, which run across the upper right corner of the image, form a natural barrier to air movement. At the lower layers of the atmosphere, the winds carrying the pollution can't move the pollution past the mountains, and so it accumulates. Until the winds shift and carry the pollution away from the mountains, the pollution will remain a haze over the region. This is often the case in mountainous eastern China.


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