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27-10-04, 03:49

Cats can suffer from stress-related illness like humans, a study by animal experts suggests.

Rivalry with another cat is the biggest source of feline anxiety closely followed by moving home or the arrival of a new member of the owner's family.

Edinburgh University experts compared a group of 55 cats - 31 with bladder problems and 24 healthy animals - in the same house with 125 other cats.

Sick cats generally got more stressed by other cats in the house, they said.

Stress trigger

Dr Danielle Gunn-Moore, senior lecturer in feline medicine at the university's school of veterinary studies, said feline lower urinary tract disease was frustrating for vets and owners because most cases had no apparent cause.

"This group of diseases of the bladder is most commonly seen in pedigree, middle-aged, overweight male cats which don't go out much and eat a dry food diet.

"We believed stress could be a trigger and wanted to identify differences in the cats' environments and temperaments which might cause this condition."

University researchers suggest cats with such illnesses should be fed wet food and encouraged to drink more fluid by adding tuna-flavoured ice cubes to water.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals has welcomed the research.

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27-10-04, 12:28
No question they get stressed. We were just away for two weeks, & when we first came back, all the cats went through a stage (about 3 hours) where they totally ignored us, & then they became very needy.

My cat Blackie wandered off yesterday afternoon, & was missing for about 5 hours. I drove up the road calling him, & he came right to me. Last night he slept right beside my pillow all night, & didn't move until 6:30 this morning. He had really upset himself.

27-10-04, 13:30
poor cats :( i feel sorry for them