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Lara Coft Baby
08-02-11, 05:45
This one is a personal favorite of mine.

Being born into a family that you have nothing in common with. You are the black sheep in the family. And your family thinks you're weird.

Born into this insanity
Consumed by the darkness
Surrounded by these faces
Feeling like I'm losing my mind
Gone insane by the voices
Can't seem to escape this world

Insanity growing stronger
When you tell me how to live my life
Insanity growing stronger
At the disappointing looks you give me
I am alone in this insane world
Putting on my Facade for you
Don't want it to be this way
Hate that it has to be

Can't stand that I'm different
Want me to be like you
Try to make me one of you
You scream at me
But you can't hear my silent screams
Blare my music to drown the yelling
Think some things wrong with me
You believe I'm insane

Repeat Chorus

Gone insane by the screams
My silent screams go unheard
My silent pleas go unnoticed
Walk amongst you with my facade
And you don't care
That I'm miserable
Playing a part I don't want

Repeat Chorus

Born into this insane world
Consumed by it
Surrounded by these people
Losing my mind
Gone insane by the voices
Can't seem to escape this hell I'm in

Repeat Chorus

This one is another personal favorite. Though this one is NOT about me, its actually about a friend of mine.

This song is about some one who thinks of committing suicide and their looking for salvation.

Darkness fills my head
These voices speak to me
Filling my head with these lies
Confusion growing stronger
Can't escape from his hold on me
Dark thoughts plague my mind
Bringing me further to the edge

I look up to you
For guidance
For salvation
But you don't speak to me
You ignore me
And let me continue to suffer
I look upon you
To be my salvation
Why have you abandoned me?
Why do you not answer me?

Kneeling on my knees
Praying you'll accept me
Still you continue to turn away
Losing my faith
Losing all hope
Bringing me to the brink of insanity
Can't go on knowing you don't hear my pleas
Or you chose to ignore them

Repeat Chorus

Lying broke on the floor
Broken and bruised
This life isn't the one I want
I feel my self slowly slipping away
I don't want to be a part of this world
But you have turned me away
And choose to ignore my calls

Why do you choose to leave me all alone?
Why have you turned the other cheek?
And left me alone here

Repeat Chorus

Feeling that I've finally slipped away
And you've still deny me
An unforgivable act
You turn away from me again
As the gates close in front of me
I feel my self-falling into the fire
An eternity of pain and misery

This one is dedicated to my cheating ex

This is to my ex its pretty self explanatory

Lost myself with in your lies
Hated who i became But i was addicted
To your lies, to your hold over me
Held on to that small chance to hear from you again
Lost my life, my heart
Trying to gain it back
Now i feel freed from your lies
From the broken hearts
And now I'm numbed to the feelings
You've caused inside me
You ripped out my heart
You dont even care
Don't even have remorse for your actions
Lied, Cheated, and left the broken pieces
Of my heart, Shattered
All over the floor
I was addicted to you
Now I'm freed from this drug
Fresh out of rehab
I'm finally moving on without you
Don't want to hear from you again
Don't run back to me
When she stomps on your heart
Like you did to mine
No longer addicted to you


Okay now this one is not finished I was working on a rap song. It was dedicated to my ex as well. Its NOT the BEST Rap song. I could use some advice on it.

How I feel

This is my First rap song
Where should I begin?
The way you make feel
I cannot seem to conceal it
Wanna reveal it the real truth
The lies from your mouth
The way you make me feel
Seems so unreal
The anger inside me
This finger explains my feelings
Treated me like an angel
Now I see the danger signs
Answer me this
Was it real or just a fairy tale story?
My trust you stole
Wanna show the world
The ******* that you really are
So heres my story

I was head over hills for you
My heart, my breath you stole
My heart was aching for you
For the loving you was giving me
I worshiped you, treated you like a king
But now Iím sending you packing
Cause Iím done with this burning in my heart
Tired of the fighting, Tired of waiting
Itís amazing how easily I removed you
And now Iím starting over
Iím re-building my heart
From the pieces you ripped it into
Erasing your face from my mind
This is my story and this is how i feel

08-02-11, 09:52
When you feel deeply, the mind creates new paths.

http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/2779/400f5834530mmarycgorepm.jpg (http://img52.imageshack.us/i/400f5834530mmarycgorepm.jpg/)