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09-02-11, 09:27
I really want to get into making videos, trailers, edit videos, with sounds and special effects, flying texts, etc so I thought of asking here for help from the creative minds of TRF to get started and into it. ;)

What sort of programs do you use ?
Are there any books I can read ? websites I can check ? tutorials ? anything that I could use to start, learn and get better in video editing and making trailers.


09-02-11, 10:16
I've always used Windows Movie Maker. But that is like a lollipop.

09-02-11, 11:02
well it really depends on what kind of videos you wanna make/edit.:) there are heaps of tutorials on youtube about text effects and other effects.

I use Sony Vegas...so if you use that too I'd be glad to help:)

09-02-11, 11:08
I've always used Windows Movie Maker. But that is like a lollipop.

yes I agree!

09-02-11, 22:20
Thanks Jacob, I will surely do more search on whats out there and will check out Sony Vegas. :)

Tampi, I know Windows movie maker, and I use it, but I find it rather too simple. I want something where I can add rich colors, animations, texts, borders, etc
but thank you and thailand for your answers and help :)

09-02-11, 22:29
You could always check out some tutorials on Adobe AfterEffects and see what you can do with it. It's mostly for adding special effects to videos however I wouldn't suggest editing a video with it. For editing as CerebralAssassin suggested you should use Soni Vegas :p You can try downloading a 30 day trial version of it, have to warn you that the full version is quite pricey :o