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10-02-11, 20:30

Rules :

-Only one screenshot per participant
- max resolution 800x600 pixels.
-Only official TR games/levels are permitted.
-No cheats (except for level skipping and weapons/ammo/health).
-No image editing is allowed whatsoever (only a little change of brightness is permitted).
-No cut-scenes' screenshots allowed.
-Once posted, you may not change or re-post your already posted screenshot.
-If you want to change a host for your already posted entry, do inform a respective mod before doing so.
-Participants can't enter with previously published screenshots (anywhere on the Internet)
-TRL/TRA - only official/unlockable ingame mods allowed, no custom mods or whatsoever.
-If dig.camera is used to capture a screenshot then it must be within a reasonable quality.
-EVERY participant must take a part in the voting, otherwise #1 you must inform Pipolinne (via PM) and state your reason of why not being able to vote on the specific voting date/time period, otherwise #2 disqualification follows.
-The winner must open the next OSC thread within a week from the day he/she won the previous competition. Otherwise the next OSC thread is presented by a member featuring 2nd or even 3rd place. [osc 68th+]

>>> SAVEGAME <<< (http://www.captain-alban.com/public/tr3savegames/savegame.4)

This competition will run until Thuesday, 15th of February 21:00 (GMT) when a voting thread will be set up.

10-02-11, 20:34
And here's my entry :


10-02-11, 21:38
Nice shot! :tmb:

Please mention the end date (15th February) in the first post. :)

10-02-11, 22:41
It's done ! Thanks Mytly ! ^^

Lara Croft!
11-02-11, 00:06
1st person shooter mode.


11-02-11, 09:39
YAY (took me a long time to illuminate the whole corridor ^^)

http://www.abload.de/img/gtsssfm8.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=gtsssfm8.jpg)

11-02-11, 10:20
1st person shooter mode.


sexy shot :O

11-02-11, 18:52
Figured I'd try my hand at one of these competitions.


lara croftwolf
11-02-11, 18:56

12-02-11, 11:27
@ Soul/everyone... old good times, TR3 still looks great even without all nowdays graphics :]

12-02-11, 19:58
Great entries, everyone. :tmb:

I won't participate this time, since I won't be around at voting time. :(

14-02-11, 12:07
^Yep, great entries, but we need more than just 4. Come on people :D

Lara Croft!
16-02-11, 13:18
OSC is over with only four. What happens now? Voting as usual?

16-02-11, 13:20
Yep, but Mytly can't start the votingthread...Maybe Apofiss can do this now?

16-02-11, 14:22
will open voting asap!