View Full Version : Devintart Problems ?

11-02-11, 14:41
Is anyone else having issues with deviantart. Ive had them for a while now and its really get on my nerves

It takes forever to even load the page then it doesnt show any pictures at all, i tired to upload my own and its there for about 30mins no matter how small the file it just awful

Im thinking of making a new account but i dont know if that will make any difference i just wondered if anyone esle had the same issues

11-02-11, 15:35
Nope.. odd, I know what you mean, but no i don't have any problems :)

12-02-11, 02:53
Susie, it could very well be your internet connection with the server's site. I have not been having this problem, but I have had it with other sites. Check your router, that may very well be the problem.

HIH! :tmb: