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21-02-11, 11:22
Remember that little fanfilm from 2008?
Stephen Reynolds, writer/director of the fanfilm TombRaider: Ascension, is currently preparing to shoot his next film, ‘Snowman’. This film, from an original Reynolds script, could be shooting in November 2011 with your help. If you have £1 to spare and you want to see more from the makers of TombRaider: Ascension, click here http://www.reynoldsfilms.com to find out how you can Get Involved.

Stephen has already shot a short film based on his feature version of which you can see a trailer of that here http://www.vimeo.com/10528248

Become a Snowman Sponsor and you can get immediate access to the ten minute teaser film, Snowman: Justice Evolves, sneak peeks at the feature script and filmmaking masterclasses from Reynolds himself. Over the coming months, you'll get to see casting videos, fight and weapons training, behind the scenes at the film shoot and rough edits of the film itself as it comes together.

21-02-11, 11:55
Is this going to be a TR Ascension sequel?

21-02-11, 14:47
Isn't this classed as advertising or something? Thought it wasn't allowed on the forums... :S

Evan C.
21-02-11, 14:55
The movie was absolutely boring, so don't count with me, sorry.

21-02-11, 15:00
Is this going to be a TR Ascension sequel?

No :(
But those red contact lenses are scary :vlol:

Melonie Tomb Raider
21-02-11, 23:20
Dang, you guys are so freaking mean.

Thanks for the update. Is "Snowman" a brand new film, or TR related? I really enjoyed Ascension, so if this is another TR fan film, I'll definitely be on board for it. :)

21-02-11, 23:36
I loved Ascension. I was hoping for a squeal :P haha

21-02-11, 23:41
I also loved Ascenion, and can't quite believe, that someone could call it "absolutely boring". :confused:

I was just about to watch it again but saw, that it's not available anymore...Too sad, I especially loved Lara exploring thios underwater-cave with her infinite amount of flares :D
Good luck with "Snowman" :tmb:

young Lara Croft
23-02-11, 07:29
I liked Ascenssion , Snowman seems promising.
He made me think of the nephilim race from AOD somehow.

young Lara Croft
23-02-11, 07:30
sorry double post