View Full Version : Are there any Comic Lara Croft Tutorials?

!Lara Croft!
22-02-11, 09:07
Are there any tutorials on how to draw lara croft from the Tomb Raider Comics? Ive been searching fruitlessly for ages.


This sort of style of drawing her.

23-02-11, 03:27
I know there was a gaming magazine or comic magazine that gave a tutorial once, along with a lot of interesting tips, such as: the lines of the pose should always be curved, because if the neck, for example, is just straight up as apposed to a little curved to the side, you're not maximizing the sexiness potentional or something like that.

young Lara Croft
23-02-11, 07:16
if you don't find the tutorials I'd suggest you start drawing her , try to split her in half and trace some lines on the figure, divide her face features into segments and then practice.

I'm curious about the magazine too...

23-02-11, 09:11

something close:) hope it helps