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lara croft TR
23-02-11, 17:03

It's my first attempt drawing in Photoshp with my tablet and I'd need some advice...
My biggest problem are the colours which don't look good whatever I do. They're plain and boring after I blend them but too messy to leave them unblent.
And, well, my second biggest problem is the fact that I'm not patient at all. If it won't go the way I want, I'll leave it alone and begin my work on it after weeks.
So, any helpful advice?

young Lara Croft
23-02-11, 17:33
Are you good with inking?

24-02-11, 02:38
its not bad.. But you should remember to ALWAYS use reference if u wanna make a good painting,
for anatomy and lighting, it will be much easier to colour it with it.
You should also define more each part so it doesnt look so blurry..

I wont give u any advise about patience cuz ive got a lot of trouble with it..

24-02-11, 03:37
Try playing around with brushes. I usually work with a simple hard round brush with the size and transparency set to opacity. DeviantArt has loads of brushes to download and play around with, and tutorials, too!

Some artists actually prefer to leave their colors a little rough looking so it has the "feel" of a real painting instead of the super-blended fake look digital art can get.

You might like to look into color theory as well. If you use one color on something naturally multicolored like skin and use black for shading and white for all the highlights, you'll usually end up unsatisfied with the result. Once you get a feel for colored and reflected light, you can create some very exciting and dynamic effects.

lara croft TR
24-02-11, 13:03
young Lara Croft: Yes, but not digitally...
Aphrodite22: I never used any references for my drawings but I'll give it a try. XNALara may be very useful... The blurry effect it's there cause I usually go for soft brushes...
Quasimodo: I play a lot with the brushes and their opacity, flow or size but as you said I use only one color darkned by black and lightened by white... I'll try to change that...

Thanks guys :hug:

24-02-11, 13:11
use youtube tutorials for photoshop art, use reference pictures all the time, and Ifind its better to do you picture in black and white first :)

Dark Lugia 2
24-02-11, 19:09
Are you using the airbrush tool? You shouldnt use that. It makes whatever you do blurry as opposed to sharp and fine.

Try using a solid brush and play with the opacity... youtube tutorials are good for learning. Btw, your drawing is VERY good for your first photoshop attempt, well done!