View Full Version : Only Girl (In The World)

05-03-11, 19:47
Finally got back to making amv's. Tell me what you think of this one.


Melonie Tomb Raider
05-03-11, 20:30
Very good, I enjoyed it. :)

Not too crazy about the lip syncing parts, though. It was very clever of you to do that so well, but for the sake of entertainment purposes, it's not as fun to watch as other scenes would have been.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this, and I hope you make more. :D

05-03-11, 22:40
Thank you for your comment and watching the video. I agree on your point about the lip synching. I did over do it just a tad to much especially for an amv. I think my idea was coming from the official video Rihanna did. They had her singing the song while clips flashed in the background. I kind of wanted to mimic that. Hmm i guess for amv's it does not work to well.