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Only TR lover
08-03-11, 08:34
So, here it is. I took the inspiration from the "Survivor is born" artwork (the sound of waves, boat horn.... ). ;)


This is not a final version. :)

Final version uploaded - This definitely is not a classical Tomb Raider theme. Game has evolved and obviously will be different so the soundtrack has changed also, but I like to stay true to original TR motif so a used it in last few bars of the track as the hint of Lara's evolution. Making this kind of track takes a lot of time and effort so I hope you'll appreciate it.

CZ-ZClGlvLM (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-ZClGlvLM&feature=player_embedded#at=63)

cezy rockeru
08-03-11, 08:47
Sounds really nice:D

08-03-11, 10:06
This is the official music?
But not like that they showed us earlier (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=176722).
I'm a bit confused.

Some bars are very nice.
The end is a interesting nod. :D

08-03-11, 13:10
I'll listen to it later and get back to you. :D

08-03-11, 16:08
It's incredible from 00:48.

08-03-11, 16:17
Um... Well, it's a good song, but it sounds like something from a Final Fantasy game, tbh. Not very TR-ish. :p

Only TR lover
08-03-11, 16:25
Maybe you're right, but we didn't get a proper TRish track for a long time -.-

08-03-11, 18:49
ιt sounds really good

Linoshi Croft
08-03-11, 21:04
Doesn't suite the tone of the game :/ the one on the podcast works very well however

Only TR lover
11-03-11, 14:09
Updated version :)


young Lara Croft
11-03-11, 14:21
All I can say about this is:

Only TR lover
13-03-11, 12:42
All I can say about this is:
Thanks! New one will be ready soon :)

Only TR lover
14-03-11, 01:59
Finally it's done! :)

14-03-11, 02:18
Wow, I really like it. :D

Only TR lover
14-03-11, 11:42
Wow, I really like it. :D
Thanks! :D

14-03-11, 12:21
As I write in other threads I'm listening to your song over and over again.
Looks like you've polished sounds and is now a more compact version. :)
Perhaps more grave tone?

Only TR lover
14-03-11, 13:14
^ Thanks tampi :)
I'm still learning how to make some things better... So it always turns out different is some way. It's funny to I hear the 1st theme I've ever made! :D