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14-03-11, 07:30
"Everything has a beginning. And everything has an end. Thats just how it is."

This is a fan fiction that bridges Legend and Underworld and documents Lara's pursuit for truth that seems to elude her.
I'll make pictures to go with it, some pages will be actual writing and some will be just a page of drawing with the story illustrated.

I was originally going to make this a PDF file when it was done, but I'd much rather have feedback from the community :D
So the next post will start the actual story.

And people can always come back to this to find the chapters.


Chapter 1 - Below this post
Chapter 2 - Pending...

Chain Raider
14-03-11, 07:31
Lara had just found out the cause of her mothers death, Amanda had urged her mother to withdraw the Excalibur from its sheath, and caused her mothers disappearance. With help from her Father’s old friend, Lara has acquired information about another artifact, which could very well bring her mother and father back to her side.
But Lara must over come an age old cult before anything can happen.
Join Lara as she goes from, country, to city, to tomb in this thrilling fan fiction novel TOMB RAIDER LEGENED: the Dagger of Xian, will Lara be able to face her past, fight it’s demons, learn new secrets and uncover the history of a once great civilization.
It’s Tomb Raider in a different light.

__________________________________________________ _______________


“Cambridge University…this brings back memories, I remember when father would take me out here to visit his old friend.”Lara sighed as she parked her motorcycle, removing her blue sunglasses from her forehead as she looked over her new surroundings.
The campus was filled with bustling students, some were studying while others were either talking or playing football or other activities.
“Things never seem to change do they?”She breathed as she watched a group of girls giggle at some boys playing football, several of them waving and flexing their musleces at them.
“Was that question directed toward me Lara? Cause I wasn’t paying attention at all, I’m trying to eat my breakfast.”

“I wasn’t at all talking to you, you can go on with your morning, I’m not stopping you at all, in fact I don’t think I need any assistance from you at the momoment I’ll ring you later Zip.”Lara said as she slipped the head set off and put it into her but pocket. As she walked she noticed a couple of students staring at her, either in awe or confusion at Lara’s appearance.
Though it was a bright day, she was dressed in worn light blue skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and a white tank top that’s collar was lined with red; she also wore a pair of TCX Infinity combat boots and her trade mark blue sunglasses. She walked to the main foyer and entered the hall to her left, following the signs that pointed to the main office.
Lara looked to her left and saw another hallway, and as she looked to her right, she saw a women calmly sitting behind a large ebony desk, she flipped through a magazine and listened to her iPod nonchalantly as Lara approached. She looked around her mid-thirties, blonde hair and fair skin; her eyes were mixed matched, green and blue, with some of her curls blocking the sight of her eyes.
Lara cleared her throat, catching the women’s attention, looking up, she put the magazine down and pressed the pause button on her iPod and removed her head phones.”May I help you?”She said, forgetting completely what she was doing previously.
“Yes, I’m here to see Professor Eddington.”
“He should be in the Grand Library; the door to it is down the hall to the left.”
“Thank you.”Lara said as she walked down the empty hall, her boots making silent thumps as she walked, her hand snaked its way around the gold handle and she slowly opened the door, a loud creaking sound heard as she did so. As Lara walked through the doors she let her eyes slowly drag throughout the empty building, there was noone insight except for a couple students working in deeper parts of the building. There were multiple book cases, with multiple books and encyclopedias, there were stair cases located around the structure, from the looks of it could be at least four-stories worth of books and desks and as she slowly moved her brown eyes, they fell upon a pair of lighter brown ones staring back at her.
Lara smirked as she started her short walk over to the older man.
“You haven’t seemed to change much have you; still love basking in the mid-afternoon light huh?”
“Neither have you, still wearing those tight clothes as you always did huh?”The professor retorted, chuckling as Lara looked herself over, examining her figure in an awkward silence. ”Even so…I can see you haven’t found the time to shave.”She nodded toward his five-o-clock shadow, mocking him as he rubbed the fuzzy feeling hair that formed around his jaw line.
“Well, when trying to keep up with Jessica, I just never find the time in the day to take care of myself once in a while.”
Peter said, as he looked out the window, admiring the brilliant afternoon light.”Oh, yes that’s right, how is your niece Jessica, have you been taking good care of her since her parents died?”Lara asked as she pulled the chair from its place by the table, and slowly plopped down on the padded wood.”Yes I have, and she’s ever the stubborn one, just like you were growing up.” Lara only nodded as she stared with the man outside the window, the sun was shining brilliantly against the well watered lawn, and the students scattered across the grounds made the view look like a scene from a beautifully painted piece of art.
“So why is it you have come today, your friend Zip was rambling on about Avalon and some other things.” Peter said as he took a sip from his chai tea.”There still might be a possibility that my mother is still alive. And my father might have been right after all, I know you and him were working together on gathering information on how to find other means of access to Avalon, and I need those files.”Lara said, as she stared deep into the man’s eyes, making complete eye contact as she spoke.
Peter sighed, and stood up leading Lara toward his office, he opened the door and moved behind his 4-desk drawer, in the back corner was a large file cabinet, reaching into it, he pulled out, 3 folders and what seemed to be a map of some sort.”This is everything me and your father had collected about Avalon, but before anyone can gain access to Avalon, you have to have Excalibur, The Dagger of Odin and The Eye of Odin.”Lara flipped through the first folder, it seemed to contain, theories and thesis and other information of significant importance.
The Second contained an image of a creature that seemed to be made of bones, its eyes were glowing and there was a strange blue essence around it. ‘Hope I won’t have to face one of these things. ’Lara thought to herself, setting down the folder and moving over to the last, picking it up and sorting through it, taking note of the beautiful blonde woman that appeared in pictures and foot notes.”There is a woman by the name of Jacqueline Natla-“
“The head CEO of Natla Technologies?”
“Yes, we had reason to believe at the time that Natla knew and still does of the location of The Eye of Odin and its sister artifact the Dagger of Odin.”
“So, to find my mother, I have to have both artifacts?”
“Exactly, now take this; this should have all the information you need to find where Natla’s is keeping the information.”

Lara skimmed the documents and smiled as she remembered the party invation she’d recived in the mail a couple days ago. Conviently the party’s just donw the street from Natla’s offices…
“This should be all you need to get started, I’ll leave the rest to you. Now Lara, I must go, I promised Jessica that I would meet her at the arch for our lunch date. Farewell Lara good luck.”
Peter said as he stood from his seat and started toward the door, leaving Lara alone with her thoughts.

14-03-11, 11:51
The way you described the environment is very plastic.
I mean, you give the story a great atmosphere. You can see and imagine the environment almost completely.
It is a good start!
Very good! :tmb:

Chain Raider
14-03-11, 17:50
Thank you for your comment :D
I had this on my computer for awhile now, so I posted it. I didn't know if you guys would have liked it but you gave me confidence :D