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tlr online
04-02-05, 17:20
Bestselling vidgame franchise "Halo" has taken its first major step toward the bigscreen, but without the studio system that has ruined so many of its brethren. Microsoft has quietly put the finishing touches on a million-dollar deal to hire Alex Garland to adapt the games into one movie.

www.variety.com (http://www.variety.com)

Soma Holiday
04-02-05, 22:03
That is so awesome! I've heard rumors of Ridley Scott though, but either way I'm happy, even though The Beach didn't impress me much.

I hate stupid Variety and all their "have to be a member" bs. :rolleyes:

04-02-05, 22:07
I wonder if they'll use computer graphics to make it more Halo-ish. Like a feature-length Red VS Blue. :D

05-02-05, 00:37
Great news! BTW this isn't the only one game to big-screen; there will be Silent Hill movie and DOOM movie too, but I guess you already knew that.

05-02-05, 00:50
and apparently a DMC movie

Soma Holiday
05-02-05, 04:11
I want it to be a live-action film with Thomas Jane starring as Master Chief. I think he would be SOO perfect for the part.

Angela Russell
05-02-05, 04:38
Sounds great! I just hope they don't screw it up. :(