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19-03-11, 01:26
I was thinking what music you guys listen while doing your artworks? I'm trying to make a smooth, "inspiring" playlist for listening on class and I'd love to read your suggestions on bands or songs.Only one rule: songs, no matter how awesome, should not be "sad" (Kansas - Dust in the wind) or taking too much your attention (The prodigy - Omen).

Here some of my favourites, "inspiring" songs... but they're too few :o

311 Amber
Black Sabbath - Sabbath bloody Sabbath
Bob Marley - Could you be loved
Claire Littley - Fly me to the Moon
Daft Punk - Something about us
Incubus - Aqueous transmission
Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower
Linking Park - My December
Lutricia McNeal - Aint that just the way --(not sure about this)
Manu Chao - Desaparecido----------(not sure about this)
Mick Jagger - Sweet thing
Muse - Starlight
Oasis - Don't look back in anger
Pink Floyd - Marooned
Pink Floyd Money
Pink Floyd - San Tropez
Portished - Glory box ------------(not sure about this)
Pussy cat dolls - Sway
Rehab - It dont matter
Santeria - Sublime
Staind - Right here
The Beatles - Hey Jude
The Black Keys - Howlin' For You
UB40 - Kingston Town
Iron Maiden - Strange world
The Eagles - Please Come Home For Christmas

and a classy: Johann Sebastian Bach - Orchestersuite Nr. 2

Chocola teapot
19-03-11, 01:51
I find Alanis Morisette to be very good to Paint to.

19-03-11, 02:02
I was literally JUST drawing to Alanis. >.>

Chocola teapot
19-03-11, 02:15
I was literally JUST drawing to Alanis. >.>


She ignites a... Raw Creative Fire.

Lmao. <3

19-03-11, 02:33
Most inspiring music for me would be anything by Moby, Future Sound of London and Underworld. Trance music also helps. (Armin Van Buuren, old TiŽsto stuff, etc.)
As you can see I think electronic music is better to do artwork.
But of course I can't suggest you anything because this is completely personal and subjective.

19-03-11, 05:48
Yeah it's subjective, but is cool to hear other views. I'm not much into electro, but I'll see to add stuff from the genre, and how could I forgot trance! is really inspiring. I used lo listen online trance radios a lot, but never buyed or downloaded anything, maybe thats why I forgot about it...

Now Alanis... haven't heard anything from her in ages lol, but seems like a good choice too, I'll look for it, thanks! :)

19-03-11, 06:04
I listen to:
Castlevania ost
Bayonetta ost ( something missing on repeat :vlol: )
persona 3 and 4 ost
TR3 ost
metorid ost
paramore songs